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Potential bugs - Sayit hotkey and taxiway maintenance

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Hi Dave,

Whilst I've been working away on the PTT network sender and configuring airports I've noticed a couple of oddities that I thought I'd share in case they're bugs.

I've noticed that when the Sayit Hot key is enabled, and you change the assignment of the key, it will not work until you uncheck and then recheck enable for the Sayit hot key. Only minor but thought I'd mention it. (This does not happen with the PTT key when performing the same task)

Secondly, when I've been editing airports, after importing them from X-Plane, every now and again, quite randomly, I'll delete a normal taxiway marker, and suddenly lots will disappear, including all of their paths. I've since learnt that when this happens, save, quit the maintenance manager and then load it again, and all is as it should be again, and the one I deleted did actually delete. So it's working correctly from a database perspective it seems, it's more of a visual glitch. I've noticed a workaround is to delete paths rather than points, and this doesn't have the same effect. 

Hope it helps,


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Hi @Dave-Pilot2ATC,

Working on LOWW taxiways and it happened again. I happened to be recording it this time, only from my phone, so sorry about the dodgy image, but thought it would be useful for you to see.

One key thing I noticed is that, once it's happened, the wait cursor permanently appears, but only when hovering over the left pane. I know the devil is in the detail when trying to track stuff down like this. Feels like it's trying to complete a task in the background still.

I'd been working on it for 10 minute, basically imported LOWW, went down the runway entrances, deleting any points between the runway point and the hold short point, then right clicked the hold short point and changed the type to hold short. Created the odd new point every now and again, always clicked save after that to give it an ID before continuing.

You can down the vid from my OneDrive.



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