electric taxiing

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I bet the bean counters are quaking behind their calculators about the extra 600kg per aircraft and the extra fuel used to cater for that weight over the lifetime with the airline...

Interesting idea though.

HOWEVER>>> Notwithstanding the taxiing manoeuvre, the pushback is provided by the tug connected to the nosewheel. AND... you don't want to taxi for a kilometre and a half or so to the active THEN find out your engine(s) have developed a fault and/or still be "cold" just prior to delivering takeoff thrust... far better to find that before you join the queue..

Just playing Devil's Advocate..

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Actually, this idea is intriguing, and the engine startup procedure could easily be factored into the sequence for take-off. I've personally have had VERY lengthy delays on the ground with either one or both engines turning, wasting fuel. I can easily see how this could be economical for my airline, even with an increase in weight for the system. 

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