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A2A B377 Stratocruiser - Pan Am Clipper

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[Note: Here is a nice plane that, last time I recall flying it, was before my years of break from SIM. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these images below as much as I enjoyed flying this SIM...]

Those were the days, when people would dress in their very best to fly (suits for men was customary)...! And, the B377 was a luxurious double-decker (long before we got to see double-decks in B747 and A380)....Real food on real plates, cloth curtains on the windows to pull-close, potted plants in the lounge area while you chit-chat with drinks being served by uniformed stewardesses...etc....BTW, those were also the (final) glory days of humongous radial pistons (and cowl flaps on them for cooling)...!

The planes operated mostly during the 1950s. As the launch customer, Pan Am was the first to begin scheduled service, from San Francisco to Honolulu in April, 1949. However, the not-so-good safety record of these planes, compounded by the onset, into the market, of faster jetliners pushed these planes out of circulation (introduced 1949 and retired 1963). Nonetheless, just for a bit of nostalgia of air travel from those days, please find, here, a set of pictures of A2A's (B377) Pan Am Clipper departing San Francisco (KSFO) on a flight to arrive at Honolulu (PHNL). The shown livery, NX1024V, was the third Stratocruiser prototype. NX1024V was delivered to Pan American as Clipper Bald Eagle N1024V on June 12th, 1949. It was later renamed as Clipper Cathay and used on PAA's Pacific routes. It was eventually converted to a Pregnant Guppy.

And, if you wish to see an example of the B377 the way it was in RL, please search for "Pan American Boeing 377 Stratocruiser Promo Film - 1950" on YouTube. The B377 seen in the opening sequences of this promo film is actually Clipper Golden Gate (N1023V) - the (2nd) prototype previous to the one displayed in this post. The "pilot" portrayed in this promo film is Robert Downey Sr., father of actor Robert Downey Jr, if you care to know...who, btw, does exhibit the believable look (determined and highly attentive) of a RL B377 pilot!

Thanks for reading and viewing. [A2A(B377)/MSE(Hawaii)/REX]





















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10 hours ago, PATCO LCH said:

I wish a2a would offer that aircraft in P3DV4.



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Hi Folks:

Appreciated the kind comments and reactions! And, I can also understand why this plane has pulled a few emotional strings with some of you...

Of course, I too hope that A2A makes it available for P3DV4. They do have the Constellation for both FSX/P3D, and I would like to get their Constellation for myself in FSX...

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I have the Connie and she is loads of fun. The engineers station is as much fun as the Captain's seat. I love prop liners. I wish some developer would make some good retro airports sceneries circa 1950s and 60s. Like Idelwild (JFK) for example.

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Vic green

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Terrific screenies, P_7878. At least for me the 377 wasn't the most beautiful plane around, but she certainly offered a new level of comfort for its pax 😊

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