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Honeycomb Aeronautical - AWOL?

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33 minutes ago, HighBypass said:

you still have the HOTAS for when you fly an Airbus.

As a virtual first officer, of course. 😉

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Some feedback for this yoke. I've enjoyed using it for the past two days and I think it'll turn out to be a good product, but like anything new, there's room for improvement.

1) The first and most important thing I think needs to be improved is the customer support. There are no support forums for customers to come together and help each other through issues. When I first started using the yoke, I found that there was a "Dead zone" with most of my aircraft. After working with some other folks through discord, I was able to determine that turning down the null zone for the axis and turning up the sensitivity greatly helped. Would've been great to have forums to talk with other people about this. In addition to forums, I think the company needs to do a better job of relaying information on social media and replying to voicemails/emails. While I have my yoke, I never received any type of email, phone call, or other support.

2) The tension on the yoke has a steep learning curve when it comes to flaring the aircraft. I've found multiple times that my flares are at the incorrect time because I'm pulling too hard on the yoke towards the end of its travel distance. The next generation should have some type of tension adjuster or mechanical component that assists with this. Without a motor component, I'm finding myself getting worn out because unlike a traditional aircraft, when I adjust the trim, the pressure releases from the yoke where as on here it's constant regardless. Again, maybe a future/upgraded model will have these components.

3) The red light... it looked cool in the advertisements, but I've realized it serves absolutely no purpose. It would've been more helpful to have this light shine through the words on the switches so I could see them in the dark. As of right now, I've got this bright red light that does nothing to help me with the switches. I've found that more often than not, I just leave the red light off.

These are just my three suggestions for constructive feedback. It'll take some time getting familiar with the yoke and I think for the price it meets my needs. Maybe some others will have some constructive feedback.

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@Keirtt, what sim are you using? X-Plane handles the yoke beautifully as there is a dedicated profile already in the latest beta specifically for the Honeycomb. I can't for the life of me get P3D to recognize the buttons or hat switch correctly. The axis assignment is fine.

I agree about the pitch tension. I can only compare it to the GA planes I fly in real life. Honestly it is not that far away from reality. The tension is a too aggressive in the center range, though. It is tiring to hold small pitch adjustments, when in real life, small pitch adjustments can be held for a while before trimming without hitting the gym first 🙂

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