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What are you going to do when W7's not supported?

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2 minutes ago, Wobbie said:


Why are you pulling post from another thread nothing to do with W7, P3D is a tool for LM to complement the product they produce ie jet aircraft for training and will continue development if no Avsim users buy it. 

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23 hours ago, Wobbie said:

Sorry, What is Windows X Pro? You must have left out the 'P' !!

I'm confused as to why anyone would still want to use an obsolete operating system, especially with newer software that will not be optimized with an old operating system. A couple of years ago, I updated from Windows 7, then, on another PC, from Windows 8.1, both to Windows 10. I just had to update graphic drivers on one of the laptops and all was fine.

My 2 year old laptop obviously has Windows 10, & is updated on a regular basis. I most certainly do not want to have any older updates, nor obsolete operating systems on my machines. I have Windows 10 Home, with never any issues at all. Also, as I prefer newer software, I'm using Edge Chromium Canary, that gets updated on a daily basis. So far, that's my daily browser. I do have Firefox & Chrome as backup browsers, should they be needed. So far, not.  

Oops!  Windows 10 Pro.  I was using a Roman numeral when I should not.

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