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Just reinstalled P3D and also PTA 2.66. As usual I installed Matt's preset. However, things look very blueish and dark (with HDR on). Two questions:

1. After finding and reading this topic I suppose this has to do with HF2? (I redownloaded P3D yesterday and it's the newest version.) If so, I suppose the upcoming PTA update will probably fix this?

2. I see Matt's latest preset comment says 'HDR off'. Is that new? Does PTA requires HDR off? Or is that better...?

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Regardless of what may be in the pipeline for PTA, I'd give my most recent 2.66 preset a whirl (https://www.nzfsim.org/shaders/pta-presets/adam-pta-266_02/) - just to see if you have the same problem(s). You never know! My biggest issue with HDR is *bloom*, so all my presets have it set to zero. HDR does seem to affect the palette a lot and (I think) is more or less a requirement for any of the P3D shader tools out there.

I've just finished an updated to my xVision (XP11) preset and will be working on a revised set for HF2/PTA shortly. I've had the odd flight in HF2 and persuaded both PTA and TomatoShade to work with no major (apparent) problems - though I'm wondering whether I should wait until a patched PTA comes out before I invest too much time in it.


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