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Can someone tell me why this happens with ONLY my Captain Sim 757 P3D4 plane?

This device (Intel(R) HD Graphics) stopped working for the following reason: UNKNOWN. Do you want to exit P3D

Im running a Dell OptiPlex 990--SFF with the intel onboard graphic.

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I'm surprised that P3D will run at all on the integrated GPU.  I would have sworn that a discrete accelerated graphics card was a basic requirement.


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your pc specs are too ancient/prehistoric to run p3dv4😂👍  try and upgrade during the holidays with all the sales.

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I have a Optiplex 3020 sff , its Haswell I5 4570 boost all cores 3.6ghz with 8 gigs of ram ddr3 1600mhz .

I planned to have it for webb etc but get little overboard ,put in 2 ssd one 250gb for Linux mint and 500gb for win10.

the Intel HD4600 was not strong , have some spare gpu.s decided to test a external mount the cheap way , As Linus the beast .

I mounted a 1070 on a similar device , the optiplex 3020 have no M2 i use a PCIE adepter instead. and a external PSU , my doubts was most the poor bandwith.

It seems to perform equal or sligthly better then the Thunderbolt 3 extarnal gpu boxes , the performance of the 1070 is 15-25% from a PCIE mounted card in other words betwen a 1060 1070.

Have just installed P3D V4.5 HF2 now its a vanilla but shall put some addons in i just run 1080P 

first thoughts it work really well.

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