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Interested in buying but have a few questions

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I'm a student pilot. My trainer is a Cessna 172/R equipped with a Garmin 430 GPS. I have been using X-Plane 11 to augment my real-world training. As my CFI has been showing more and more what can be done with the 430 I'm realizing that the 430 that comes with X-Plane is missing a fair number NAV pages and features. I have been considering buying the Reality XP 430 but I have a few questions:

  1. My understanding is that the Reality XP 430 relies on the Garmin simulator which has a very old NAV database that can't be updated inexpensively with subscriptions like Navigraph which I have. Are there any issues using this with an old database where X-Plane is going to most likely be updated to the latest ARIC cycle? What are the challenges people have run into using an old NAV database with Reality XP?
  2. I have a Desktop Aviator model 2670 GNS 430 switch panel. This device simply emulates a game controller where you can map button presses and encoder rotations to X-Plane commands that control the Laminar 430 GPS. I get the impressions that the Reality XP 430 also supports this but I'd like some confirmation before I buy.
  3. Are there any other limitations that I should be aware of before I make a purchase decision?


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Re 1.  Check your PM.

Re 2.  I am not familiar with XPlane, but in P3D, you can set the RXP GNS to react to the standard flightsim commands.  If your controller generates those, you should be fine. Maybe JeanLuc @RXP can confirm..

Re 3.  The RXP GNS is a really nice piece of avionics gear and should do exactly what you are after.



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The X-Plane version has a 'Use Simulator GPS Commands" to intercept any default/stock GNS 430 commands, which means any plugin/hardware sending the stock commands can control the Reality XP GNS.

PS: unlike FS where there is only 1 GPS and 1 set of commands, for which our product 'augments' the capabilities with the help of modifiers (press, release, GPS#2, etc...) X-Plane comes standard with 2 sets of GPS commands!


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After you buy I suggest using this GNS430 only C172SP mod:


Then it's easy to add the RXP GNS430 in its place!

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