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I'm expecting PMDG on day one

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10 hours ago, JB3DG said:


Just some corrections here:
4: PMDG has at least 2 rivals if you go by quality of product, but not necessarily the same aircraft. Majestic with their Q400, and FSLabs with their A320 series. If either of those two decide to do a 777 that competes with PMDG, they are more than capable of giving PMDG a run for their money.

They won't because it's not financially feaisable, hence the monopoly situation.  Not sure about Majestic but FSLabs quality did not seem quite on the same level as PMDG to me, but still very good.


PVA1103 Robert Stevens

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I'll just dump some fresh news on this thread.

The new NG3 is coming to Flight Simulator as a Flight Simulator only product (if only initially). It will also include the NG and MAX variants (yay!).

PMDG also shared that they anticipate bringing the 777 and 747 product lines to Flight Simulator (nothing but awesome).

Considering the level of skepticism PMDG displayed at the reveal of Flight Simulator,  Microsoft/Asobo must have done some serious communicating to get them this onboard. This should only be good news for us. At the end of the day PMDG is a business and they wouldn't do this if they weren't fully convinced it would work out for them.

Next year will be interesting. But for now, it's 2D cloud sprites for a little bit longer... (for me anyway)

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Daniel Glover

P3Dv4 + XP11

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I don’t reckon they would have had to that much communicating. Any developer would be mad to dismiss the new sim, especially in such a cottage industry environment as it is now. Basing your existence around a sim where half the people* act unlawfully to actually play it is mad. 

*exaggerated or under-exaggerated for effect. 

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