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Random Flights

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Hi there. I'd like to make my flights continuous and like to always depart from the latest airport I fly into. 


Is there and random flight generator that can generate my next destination? I'd like to make it interesting and fly into randomly generated place. 



Projectfly doesn't really work that well  as we're limited to airlines and certain schedules?

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I suffer from the same condition. Always depart from the same airport where I ended the previous flight.

This tool has a neat function that allows the user to define a "tour". It works by pre-defining a number of airports that you are interested in flying to (for instance, your payware collection) and it then generates a random tour between them all. It also keeps track of your flights and landing data.

Have fun!

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For liners, the RYANAIR VA for example has a ramdom roaster generator that uses your last flight as the current position for the next departure. The WeGo schedules has also similar features and has several airlines not just one.

Best regards

Jesús Serrano

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Ideal Flight Professional also provides the facility of starting at the airport where you landed. It can provide a list of airports based on search criteria and allow you to pick your next destination from it.  Flight Plans and host of other material are provided.  Might be worth a look.

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A freebie program called 'Random Flight Database' is hosted on the Avsim library:

Does the job well, lots of options and criteria selection.
Bonus is that the database can be updated or you choose from live flights from 3 different online sources.

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It's quite amazing... one can practically find a little app that does just about anything one is seeking.  Shows we are quite a industrious  group of hobbyist.  😎

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Didn't had a clue about this.....watched the videos and looks very interesting and useful. Will install and try.... Thanks

Virtual Air Canada - Alex Luzajic

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