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Windows Defender Error - PLEASE READ THIS !!!

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Updated information 10-22-2019:

From the HiFi knowledgebase article.


Crash/Error on Startup with FileNotFoundException related to Windows Defender detection (false-positive)

Error: Crash/error on startup of any Active Sky product (FileNotFoundException referencing _nLoad)


We have had a few reports recently from false-positive via Microsoft Windows Defender where detection will initiate on temp files created by what appears to be standard .NET operations. We have confirmed multiple times that no malware exists and have repeatedly sent files for analysis to Microsoft, where it will clear, but then come back occasionally for some users. During updates of our products, we notice a higher frequency of these issues since it appears the previous "whitelisting" of our software is no longer valid for the new version and must undergo this new "whilelisting" process.

We apologize for the inconvenience, however this is beyond our control and apparently due to aggressive "code detection" with false-positives. There are several solutions to resolve this:

1) Please ensure your Windows is up to date with all the latest updates

2) Ensure that Windows Defender has been updated with latest virus definitions

3) Uninstall Active Sky, remove any "quarantined" items from Windows Defender

4) Reinstall Active Sky

These steps will usually allow Active Sky to run properly without further issues.

If the issue continues, the following steps will allow the product to run:

1) In Windows Defender, either allow the detected threat or exclude the found item. See this link for details: https://www.thewindowsclub.com/manag...ecurity-center

2) It is recommended to submit the detected threat to Microsoft to have them analyze and whitelist/clear this software accordingly to prevent this from happening in the future. You can submit threats for analysis here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/wdsi/filesubmission

If you are unable to obtain resolution with the above steps, please open a support ticket with details and we will assist directly.

You can open a support ticket here:


Edited by Daveo



Dave Opper

HiFi Support Manager


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