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Aerosoft Airbus Professional Throttle Settings using FSUIPC

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I believe that I may have discovered what may be a neat way to use the full detent range of the Aerosoft Airbus Professional throttles using FSUIPC, if you only have one basic throttle lever as hardware (I have a Thrustmaster T.1600M HOTAS FCS throttle and stick - nothing too elaborate).

My settings in the Aerosoft A320/321 Configurator are as follows:


Load e.g. the A320 in P3D and delete all throttle assignments in the P3D settings. Now go into FSUIPC and select the Axis Assignments as follows:


Yes, that is correct, I have setup three throttle assignments operating with the one hardware lever. Note also I have setup a profile specific to these settings with a name of e.g. "Aerosoft A320" and hence the check box under "Profile specific?".

Next you need to calibrate the three throttle assignments. Start with "Throttle" in the "Joystick Calibration" tab. My settings are as follows for "Throttle":


Note that the lower limit (801) is intermediate between the upper limit (approximately 16384) and the lower limit of approximately -16384: the reason for this is that this range determines the forward thrust range from the idle detent to the max thrust detent.

Now calibrate "Throttle1" and "Throttle2" as shown below:


Note that the intermediate settings for "Throttle1" and "Throttle2" are that of the lower setting for "Throttle", i.e. 801. Below 801, reverse thrust is selected.

-16384 here equates to max reverse thrust. 


That is basically it and I now have a thrust lever for the Aerosoft Airbus Professional Series which I use in a logical way across the full range of detents from max reverse thrust to max forward thrust. All I need now is to try and find some way of broadcasting a text message to alert me of the point at which a particular detent is selected, rather than to use the visual clues from the throttle animations in the cockpit as well as the audio clicks.

Note for FSiPanel 2017 users (practising approach procedures etc.): the above works well but make sure that FSUIPC is working with the correct settings before you let JP's program operate with trimming the aircraft and programming the FMC, i.e. before you press the "Y" key to select "SPEED" in the PFD by way of the "CL" throttle detent.

The above may need some fine tuning (and it may not yet be entirely perfect), but I have not found any other suitable explanation/advice on any of the forums searched on the internet on the subject matter discussed.

Happy days for throttle use with the Aerosoft Airbus using FSUIPC (I never liked pressing the F2 key for reverse thrust)!

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