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DC3 Airways - Market Garden 1st and 29th Feb 2020

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2019 saw the 75th anniversary of operation Market Garden.
Many of you will have seen the film bridge too far or have read the book of the same name by Cornelius Ryan.
In early 2020, DC3 Airways will, as a form of commemoration and remembrance, host a special event re-enacting s part of this huge operation by using 2 airfields to fly elements of the 82nd Airborne division to drop zones south of Nijmegen in the Netherlands.
A package will be made available for FSX/P3D users and another package for X-Plane users.
the package will include flight plans in both text and Little Navmap format, scenery and effects to provide short range NDB's at the historical waypoints , a marker ship mid way across the north sea and smoke markers on the DZ's.
In addition effects etc. will be provided that adds flak effects in historically accurate locations and in the correct density.
Effects will also be provided to add a paratroop function to your preferred aircraft.
All we would ask is that participants get familiar with flying a DC3/C47 and ideally fly in a military textured WW2 variant such as Tico Belle, drag em Oot or the Argonia etc..
Access will be granted via special passwords for non DCA members in order to access the FSD server (via FSINN or Swift) and also an assigned TS3 server.
The 2 airfields involved will be RAF Cottesmore and RAF Balderton.
The package will include full installation instructions, details of the FSD and TS3 servers involved and a chart showing the route.
If you  are interested in WW2 history or the DC3/C47 Gooney, or if you have always fancied participating in a special multiplayer event, please email me with your interest and I will get back to you with more details.
The package will be available for wider distribution in a short time.
Glen Broome
VP Flight Operations - DC3 Airways
glenishome at btopenworld dot com

You only have too much fuel when you are on fire!

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