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Complete immersion thanks to addons

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I use various sims for various flights (P3D v3, v4, Xp11 and AFS2). That said, I have really been enjoying a certain route lately and I wanted to share why and it all boils down to all the addon components that make up the flight. To start off I'm using P3Dv3 using FlyInside for VR, ActiveSky for weather, PilotEdge for ATC, FSEconomy for flight jobs, PMDG JS41 with FS2Crew, FSPassengers, GSXv2, Ultimate Traffic Live for AI, Orbx and Flightbeam for scenery. When all these addons are combined it makes for a perfect flight.

I start the flight in the sim, I do my flight planning and weather briefs in SkyVector. I get my dispatch report from SimBrief. I log on to PilotEdge and use MyFlightRoute.com to create and file my flight. I've added the GTN750 into the Jetstream 4100 as a popup window which for VR makes it very easy to change Freqs, pull up charts and do so many other things. That over rides the built in FMS but I still punch it so that it shows on the HSI screen. I start the FSE client which will load all the weight equally to the various stations. To fix that, then I start FSPax and use a custom profile for the JS41 which gives me a FA, two pax areas and proper cargo loads. I use weight enabled of FSPax to load the plane and then use the load sheet to adjust the pax which gives me a nicely loaded CG.

I start the preflight of FS2Crew and call up GSX to start the boarding. I've created a custom door, stairs and cargo bay for the plane so I can see the pax loading. I go throught my preflight checks and call up PilotEdge for my clearance. The routes that I fly are at places that are setup in FSE for jobs, are highly detailed airports of KDEN, KEGE, KASE, KTEX and are PilotEdge controlled except KTEX which has no tower in real life. I've created a hotkey to clear all approach traffic and to reset traffic for UTL so if there are any traffic conflicts in Denver I can remove them but otherwise have an active airport with plenty of planes. I keep the default ATC down but enable text so I can say get ATIS at TEX since its not covered in PE.

I have a fairly nice simpit loaded with GoFlight Modules and various hardware but one thing I didnt like was I have my speakers infront which works great for planes like Pipers and Cessna which I fly for the A2A. However, the twins with the engines on the sides and behind me and pax in the back as they load and such well I wanted a simple fix. So I used some amplified portable speakers, put them behind me and then just plug them into the headset jack. This turns off my main speakers and I have ATC audio playing in my RiftS headset. I was at cruise at 16000' running the mountain ridge line from Eagle to Denver and had my Comm2 radio on Denver ATIS. I'm not sure how many users know about a relatively new feature of PilotEdge and its line of sight transmissions but it works awesome. The signal was coming in and out, static and clearer at times as I was on the fringe of its strength and the mountain tops were blocking and distorting it. So realistic.

I've memorized the FS2Crew checklist and having a Co-Pilot that I can just tell things to do to help me out makes flying the JS41 so manageable in VR where you can not see actual paper charts or your notes on a kneeboard. After landing, its back to GSX to unload the plane and a look at FSPax debrief to see how well I did on on the flight. In FSE I have pilot pay at 4% giving me a realistic payout and I am amp for the next flight. Since the JS41 and FSPax is not available for P3Dv4 I will be keeping v3 for a very long time. Thanks for reading about my flight. 


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I loved the JS4100 for FSX, one of my all-time favorites. However, PMDG has always been very strict about their EULA, and that plane is for FSX only. You probably can find statements about this in the old PMDG forums on Avsim. That's why I never used that great plane in any P3D version.

Another thought: FSPax may not be available in P3D v4, but FSCaptain is.



(P3D v4, i7-3820CPU @ 3.6 GHz, GTX 1070, 16 GB ram)

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