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There is a new 5.1 version available from the Fastspring website.  

 This is a fairly minor update to 5.0 as follows

  • Exterior shadows on FS8 legacy aircraft  and now more accurately placed - this was a bug introduced in version 4.0 that no-one seems to have noticed!
  • Minor issues with exterior shadows cast by aircraft  tails - this was reported by one customer.
  • The library installer can now automatically deal with some issues with defender or AV blocking file copies 

It is now available to all fastspring customers.

For old flight sim store customers the upgrade is available via cloud shadows.

i have also uploaded a revised cloud shadows version shortly which can patch installed FSS 3.4 systems (or the replacement 3.4 installer that I have provided on request) to version 5.1

Version 5.0 provided the following improvements:

  • Improvements to legacy scenery which should now be nearly 100% accurate.  All the minor  issues with aes-lite trains and buses have been sorted.
  • Workaround for occasional water white flashes
  • Workaround to provide full screen tooltips.
  • Dialog simplifications 
  • Minor bugfixes


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