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TESTING - MSFS and Adobe?

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Every release after CC 2017 PP has had terrible performance with MP4s using H.264 or H.265 (HEVC).  Over the past 2 years I've been providing them with source projects/files to replicate the issue and finally 3rd time around they were able to identify the problem and fix it correctly ... of course I had to provide them with several dump files (ranging from 9GB-13GB in size) when the problem occurred.  I put at least 50+ hrs into getting this to a point where Adobe would take it seriously and address the problem.

The issue was CC 2017 used 3rd party DLLs to work with H.264 and these were 32bit ... CC 2017 was 64bit but they had to work around the 32bit DLL for H.264 ... it was cumbersome and problematic process.  CC 2018 onward was full 64bit and Adobe had to write their own H.264 decoder/encoder 64bit DLL from scratch with no 3rd party support which resulted in their performance issues with H.264 for CC 2018 to CC 2019.

Happy to report my PP troubles are over ... the change log


The fix works with PP 2019 and PP 2020.

Finally ... it took me 2 years of working with Adobe to get this fixed.  So, what has this got to do with Flight Simulation?  All the tutorial videos and flight videos I've produced over the decades have all been using Adobe CC with captures coming from nVidia GFE or via my Magewell 4K capture card and sometimes Sony or GoPro cameras ... all use MP4 H.264.  The editing performance was "painful" to say the least, it's now fast and efficient. 


But this also underlines the importance of "testing" and what one might expect to do with MSFS and testing their new product(s) ... yes Tech Alpha 1 is just the beginning as we all know Microsoft plan to release additional updates over the years and hence my desire to be active and helpful in that process to ensure continued "insider" access ... assuming one wants to help make Flight Simulation a better experience for others.  Performance is probably going to be a major "testing" point with MSFS during this Tech Alpha process ... reporting back "it stutters" and nothing else doesn't really help get the simulator you/we want.  Microsoft will want details ... no these aren't "white papers" (those are far more complex than bug reports/feedback) but they will need to be communicated well, accurate, and full of details.  The better the quality feedback, the better the simulator will be for all.

Cheers, Rob.


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I couldn't agree more, Rob.  My interest in being involved isn't simply getting my hands on MSFS before the masses, rather it is to be part of helping to mold and shape it to be the absolute best flight simulation platform ever.  It will take work, and since I'm retired, time is on my side.  Looking forward to helping this story unfold in the days/years to come.

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Doug Miannay

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3 hours ago, Skywolf said:

I hope Adobe gives you something in return.

Ha ha ... no, they didn't even tell me they fixed it, it was only after I got the auto updates and checked the change log and new features list did I see they addressed the issue ... and then I immediately tested it on my MP4 H.264 to confirm all was fixed.

Cheers, Rob.

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It was a long journey but I no longer need to do Proxies and/or convert the H.264's to ProRes ... that process was massively time consuming and used up huge amounts of disk space.  Adobe constantly came back with "it's just you" and I kept listing all the other threads they have on the very same problem.  I made videos of my video editing workflow showing them the problem ... it when on and on and on.  I'm aware that "Professional" grade movies/TV/ads etc. aren't using H.264, but it's fairly prolific format in the "consumer" grade market (used by Sony, GoPro, nVidia). 

I staying optimistic that Microsoft are more responsive with MFS and well formulated "feedback".

Cheers, Rob.

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Someone at Adobe probably took all the credit for your work and got a raise/bonus for it.  I do like the increased communication of the new MSFS development team with the public and hope they recognize the work that you and others do on the beta teams. I'm optimistic for the time being.


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I have no idea what you're talking about but it sounds like you've done a great job.

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Couldn't agree with you more, Rob. 

btw, anyone heard someone been chosen for the Alpha 1 testing, yea I am not chosen....

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