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I can not enter my account

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i cant logon my account. When I entered my information to the home screen "You must reset your password before you may log in again. Please check your email at ...........@gmail.com to reset your password" appears.

if  i want to change my password "The link you were given in the Request Password email is invalid. Please request another new password to receive a new link."appears.

i wrote by SupportDesk@precisionmanuals.com e-mail address.

An automatic message came to me as follows;

"Please sign into your account at the PMDG Support Desk and submit the ticket directly, or be certain not to remove the original ticket number from the subject of the email before sending."

my problem is already unable to enter account. When I log in to my account already will not be a problem.

i purchased;

* 737 base,

* 737 expansion,

* 747 base,

* 747 expansion.

please help me...



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You are not alone. When  I decided to buy the new  NGXu I had  exactly the same. I kept fighting for more  than 2 hours and gave  up. There are many other users with similar problems. For me that's it with PMDG. 

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Please Contact Support.PMDG.com for assistance with any Account or download issues.  That is the only official method of support for PMDG products.  The support portal account is not the same as your PMDG account.  You need to create it separately and then you should have no trouble getting in touch with us.  

Also as listed in the support forum title,  this ia user to user forum.  PMDG has there own forum system now at Forum.PMDG.com for official support

Paul Gollnick

Manager Customer/Technical Support

Precision Manuals Development Group



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