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How do I add cockpit glass shine (outside) to the CRJ and Lear?

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The airbus and ALL of the other aircraft have this, but these two aircraft don't. The CRJ had them in the first demo but now they're gone in the final release, the Lear is appears to be a direct copy (model wise) over from FS9 and therefore it too has no shine on the windows. I'm guessing MS forgot to add them back to the CRJ (not sure why it was removed in the first place).I want to add them in so I can get that same great effect the Airbus glass has. It looks amazing and adds in that nice touch of realism when viewing the aircraft from outside.Any ideas how I can add these textures? I have no idea how to work with .dds files. :-hmmmThanks to anybody who can help me out.

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