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airport gate parking

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Hi Nico, 

I am a little confused as to how airport gates are populated. I see at some airports there are quite a few parked aircraft at the gates and others of a similar gate capacity there are very few aircraft or none at all. Could you explain to me how the process of assigning aircraft to gates is done please? I have run the ParkPosGenerator for the default and my addon P3D airports.which I can see the updated results but when I visit some of those updated airports there are very few aircraft parked at the gates, for example.. RPLL ..which is a very busy airport, but I can only see 3 aircraft parked when there should be at least 30. If you can enlighten me it would be most appreciated!



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Hi John,

PPG generates airport files as follows:

1. It takes the first letter of the airport icao code, in your example R (from RPLL) to find the file with airlines that likely frequent that airport. Thus it uses the \data\R.txt file. By default, if you have not changed it yourself, it will read: ANA,JAL,JTA,KAL,APG,PAL,TTW,CES,JTA,JJP.

2Depending on the type of the parking position it will by default -again if you have not changed it- take the aircraft types given in the UI, for instance for a medium gate it will take: E190,E195,B738,B38M,A319,A320,A321,A20N,E190,CRJ9,B752,BCS1

3. It will try every combination, such as ANA+190, ANA+E195, ANA+B738,  .... and so on, JAL+E190, JAL+E195,JAL+B738, and so on, until it has find 7 (max) combinations of airline + type but -important to realise- for which you have a livery installed! (it takes that info from your AILGenerator\info\AirlineType.txt file).

So if you do not have these liveries it will not generate such combinations in the airport file, because that will never lead to an aircraft in your Simulator ....

It is up to you to make changes such that you will see more parked aircraft at RPLL, by

  • installing more liveries, and/or
  • making changes to the R.txt file of PPG, and/or
  • making changes to the aircraft types for parking positions in the UI of PPG.

Hope this makes the parking of static aircraft proces more clear.



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