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I suggest an easier and more immersive learner mode for MSFS

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I know I might get shot for proposing such an idea here, but let me explain.

I like PilotsEYE flight documentry series very much. It's such a pleasure watching those real pilots do the pre-flight preparations, taxiing, takeoff, approach and landing in such a professional way, exchange casual talks between them, and enjoy the magnificant view inside and outside the cockpit. It's great enjoyment as well as learning all aspects of airliner flight. 

Now can we have this in the new MSFS? Technology has so advanced that we already have photorealistic cockpit and scenery, then how about some lifelike virtual veteran pilots that fly the planes so that we can watch and learn all the way? Of course we can take over if we are sure about that enough.

I know all current flight simulations already have something like this. Well, sort of. It's just some brief voiceover instruction which is not intuitive at all. I don't like those flight lessons. They are not fun, and can be daunting or even traumatic for the newbies. 

It's time for new ways of learning. Guess what are some hottest Youtube game channels? Full game play streaming! It's not just people are becoming so lazy that they'd more like to watch others to play for themselves. It's watch, enjoy, and learn. I leanred a lot from those channels. It's also a new way of social connection. 

I am a GA flyer. I have always want to do airliners, but I don't want to go through the heavy manuals and memorize all the switches. I'd like to learn it in a more relaxing way. I want to sit beside those AI pilots, watching them do this this time, and that that time, enjoying the view as I will. 

And there are more possibilities. Those virtual AI pilots can appear in flight lessons, and they can also take part in missions. They can even lead the guided tour for those absolute lazy people who just want to watch the view, and I am sure there are a lot of such people.

This is also good for those diehard flight simmers who absolutely don't want such form of guidance. The biggest obstacle for the development of flight simulation has always being the small user base due to steep learning curve. Microsoft had already done quite some efforts to attract more interest from the general public, with mixed results, as shown from the failure of Microsoft Flight. The difficulty lies in how to make both ends meet: "serious" simmers VS casual players. Yet with more realistic graphics and more advanced AI we need to think about the next generation way of learning for the next generation flight simulation. What's happening in the game scene should cast some light into this. The line between "serious" something and "casual" something will be more and more blurred. More general players will guarantee the long term benefit of the developer, and hence the benefit of the diehard simmer.

Oh I forgot to mention VR, which could add so much immersion for this way of watching, learning, and enjoyment.

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I think one Star Citizen is enough, let's get FS out there and let the 3rd party developers add the bling!


P.S. VR is coming..............

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