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No response from ATC since upgrading to latest version...

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I recently upgraded to


Tried it out for the first time tonight, and I get no response from ATC, even when using "Say It".

-Checked PTT (it's lighting up green)

-Checked Mic (It's working)

-See no mic settings in config

-When I use "Say It" my say-it dude speaks but still no response

-Tried at multiple airports and freqs

-Not getting the usual tone when it recognizes speech

-I'm connected and can hear x-chatter clips


What did I do wrong?



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Is it connecting completely with the 3 aqua colored lines in the Speech Text box and the Connect button turning Green?

Is the Power Indicator Green in the bottom left of the main screen?  If not, you may need to set the "Ignore Master Battery" option.

Are you seeing responses in the Speech Text box in White but just not hearing them?  If so, could need to reset the volume.  Check the Windows Volume Mixer and be sure Pilot2ATC volume is turned up. 

Make sure you have a valid call sign.  Set it to the default of "Beech" for the call sign and N431VB for the Tail number.

Try using the Grammar Help screen.  
⦁    Press the Grmr Help button to the right of the Flight Plan
⦁    Pess the Practice button 
⦁    Take a screenshot of the resulting Message box with the connection information and email to me 
⦁    Try saying "Say Altimeter" with no other words.  It should be recognized.  Let me know the result.
⦁    If not being recognized, press the "Replay" button and see what your voice sounds like.  If no sound, then your voice is not getting through to Pilot2ATC.


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You got it Dave, it was a switch position. The power light was red and no matter what I did with the radios in the jet (JF Hawk) it wouldn't go green. 

Setting ignore power and avionics fixed it. 


Thank you! P2ATC adds so much to xplane. 

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