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David Mills

Are you flying more or mainly talking about FS2020?

Are you flying more or mainly talking about FS2020?  

77 members have voted

  1. 1. Since FS2020 was announced, which pastime has occupied more of your time?

    • I have spent more time flying the sim I already own.
    • I have spent more time learning and talking about FS2020.

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18 hours ago, HiFlyer said:

Same here. There's no substitute for Aerofly for me right now for VR,

same here, but I'm disappointed that there were hardly any innovations the last year.

I end up flyig around LOWI and KCGX Merrill C. Meigs Field in Aerofly both orbx stuff.

Good thing is, Aerofly is quick installed and it starts really quick, compared to the other slow Dinosaur (P3D),

i allready de-installed it anyway 😉 it took sooo much space.

I must admit i am more into Assetto Corsa online racing in VR the last weeks

beside checking the forum constantly 😉

Even i am a VR addicted, i cant wait to start flying MSFS2020 even without VR!

100% VR flyer - Valve Index & RTX 2080 ti

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I can’t imagine stopping simming just because MSFS is eventually coming. I fly P3D and XP (mainly airline ops) just as much as ever. I also use Aerowinx PSX, and will keep P3D to use as a scenery generator for PSX even after MSFS is released.

Jim Barrett

Licensed Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic, Avionics, Electrical & Air Data Systems Specialist. Qualified on: Falcon 900, CRJ-200, Dornier 328-100, Hawker 850XP and 1000, Lear 35, 45, 55 and 60, Gulfstream IV and 550, Embraer 135, Beech Premiere and 400A, MD-80.

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I haven't stopped simming (latest version of P3D) at all. If anything, my simming has increased. I'm particularly enjoying FSLabs A320 and flying for Virtual Air Canada.

My take on Flight Simulator 2020: I'll judge it when it comes out sometime next year, and buy it if I believe it satisfies my flight simming needs. In the meantime, I'm going to continue using P3D and buying add-ons ... and enjoying my flight sim time. After all, even if I buy the next Flight Simulator, I'll still have P3D and will still have my selection of planes to fly in P3D while the Flight Sim market catches up.

Anyway, flight simming is the one activity that I do on my own without having to interact with family members (whom I love, but I need some "me-time" every now and then), and no amount of new software is going to change my approach to my hobby.

Joel Murray @ CYVR (actually, somewhere between CYNJ and CZBB, but quite close to CSK8) 

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So, what we have learnt from these 3 pages is..

1. We are stopping our simming until MSFS is released. 

2. We are continuing to sim with our various sims that we have. 

3. We are simming on our own because we need 'me alone' time. 

4.We think that other simmers really are concerned if we personally continue simming or not, & whatever sim we are stopping to use, or continue to use. 

5. We all fly PMDG, FSLabs & others in P3D, amongst other sims.. 

6. We consider ourselves REAL simmers - see points 1-6 above. 

7. We love comparing XP with a pre Alpha MSFS. 

8. We think it's cool to use made up names, as we are REAL simmers. 

9.We have not realised that FS20 is the official developer given contracted name for the new version of Farming Simulator. 

10. We still consider ourselves REAL simmers. 

' Sigh'.. 

That's probably enough talking about MSFS an the moment.. 

I'm sure there will be more expert comments within the next 10 to 12 months,and for those that are stopping simming until then, and have switched to posting,..

The popcorn has been stocked up.. 



"Onward & Upward" ...
To the Stars, & Beyond... 

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