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Never experienced better XP11.41 output....

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Yes, MSFS2020 is coming...and with it, exciting teases and expectations...BUT...BUT.....still promise-vaporware.  

Actually landed, and upon the screen, is some of the best XP11(whatever) visuals, I have ever been able to enjoy.   Yes, I have help from the likes of Ortho4XP (which you see here in generated tiles),  xVision 1.41, HD 4.0 Mesh, SFD Global 1.1(hotfix and Europe 3.0.6 compatibility), and their custom auto-gen generation...yes, all of that...but truly,  I'd have to say, that on my system, FS9/FSX/P3D 4.x/Xplane 11.41, easily, the most pressed into service is XP11.x

The following screen output is the reason why.  Just stunning graphics...and what you see here, isn't even flying over any Orbx T.E. scenery...it is actually around Detroit on the riverfront..and then heading north on a course of 010.  I'm running really great xVision scripts from other enthusiasts, SFD Global is simply fantastic...yet alone for its great forestry, (which is in play here), (I decommissioned Orbx Terra Flora, as I prefer Mr. X6's outlook on forestry, had within SFD Global), and am really enjoying my flights at 3,500 or less over pretty much any part of the world now.

I hope you all, are getting as much satisfaction as I am...for XP11...has finally grown up!

(Left click twice on any screen shot to bring up to full rez and view....)








The generated auto-gen object field is massive, and extends fully out to the very horizon,...just spectacular!



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7 hours ago, dal330200 said:

Check out Vertical Sims trees.  They're free and amazing. 

Thanks for the tip...!

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First class immersion there, Sesquashtoo!

You pushed me over the edge on SFD Global now. Just did some flying in South America with HD Mesh 4 & SFD and it really looks alot more credible. So while we wait for MS2020 XP11 is looking amazing already. The future will be bright with both of them.

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