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Prepard Old Data Base

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Hi All

I am using Prepar3d v4, and flying PDMG 747/400. As of late I have been experiencing a lot of anomalies with prepar3ds data base. I have heard on a few occasions that they have just used FSX old data base when they created the software.

I have a feeling they are right, we all now how old that is. I tried to create a flight from Johannesburg to Cape town. According to Navigraph charts that is FOAR To FACT. So I open Prepar3d and attempt to go to FOAR

Then I get the message not in data base. So I search and find it is called FAJS. So I start Prepar3d and go to FAJS active runway. So Far so good. I then open the FMC and type in FAJS for departure, and get "not in data base".

I also typed in FOAR, and as expected, not in data base either. I open up the map from the overhead nav options to confirm that I am located at FAJS, Yes the map confirms it, I am at FAJS, but still not in data base. However when I go to ACARS, I have no trouble filling in the ICAO data.

Also I attempted to fill in the destination ICAO code for Cape Town  FACT, and that isn't in the data base either. San Diego Rwy 09 ILS frequency is wrong, also Dubai international, they are all different. So still no Joburg/Cape Town

flight, as I cannot create a flight plan. Why doesn't Prepar3d just update there data base to match all the Navigraph Charts, and make everyone happy. I don't think they have made any attempt at all to do this. (the new FSX 2020 will give them a shake up)

Anyone know of a work around when coming across these situations


Regards  Paul Hursey

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I understand what you are saying, they could have updated the sim when they moved the V4 32bit but it would now be out of date that's how fast airports are coming into this world.

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I do not have P3D but am assuming it is the same as FSX.  The default airports are hard coded in FSX to a certain extend. For example, if a new airport is created to replace an existing airport and the ICAO has change, the old ICAO code will show up as well.  ADE (Airport Design Editor) can mask the old background with exclusions, but far as I know, will not get rid of default ICAO codes. This means if an old ICAO codes cannot be deleted, then it would be hard to add changes the default FSX and P3D databases.  In future versions of P3D, they could make the database updateable, but this would include adding new runways and updating airports as well as navaids. Do we want to pay a yearly charge for updates to match up with navigraph data which I believe is released every 56 days?

Even if you can fine a freeware/payware airport with the new ICAO code the old airport may still show up for reasons mentioned above.

John Cottreau

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the "default" Airports are all coded in the BGL files (APX*_) inside the scenery-directory. One BGL file can contain more then one airport. You could convert the BGL to an XML, delete the Airport and recompile it. This will remove the Airport from the Simulator including the ICAO.

An update for the nav data is badly needed but updating all Airports around the world is not that easy, since it is not just the ICAO or Name. New airports are need some kind of layout/design and so on


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fsaerodata is a better option, but it's payware and you also need a Navigraph subscription.


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You're stuck between operating over the old original scenery database where Jo-berg is FAJS, and the PMDG FMS' internal nav database, which lists the field as it is currently designated--FAOR (*not* FOAR, note the spelling).

The easiest fix is to install an after-market scenery, like NMG's FAOR (not particularly pretty, but it fixes the ICAO naming issue).

If you want to operate as-is, you have to understand where each application gets its data.  The sim itself (e.g. the go to airport menu) is using the scenery library.  Without an add-on to change it, FAJS is what you use there.  AI programs, similarly, will use the scenery library.  Flight planners, aircraft FMS databases etc that rely on Navigraph data are going to use the current data built into their own internal database--FAOR in this case.

So if you set the acft up at FAJS in the sim, then program your FMS with FAOR to FACT, you should be just fine.

Changed navaids can be updated/added/deleted manually using the very powerful freeware Airport Design Editor by Jon Masterson (aka ScruffyDuck).  Or you can put a third-party add-on in place there...usually those have the correct navaid info built-in.


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