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Aerosoft A330 professional not really compatible with AI!

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This explains why I was only getting 8 FPS with the A330 until I turned down my AI (Traffic Global)!

I'm done with Aerosoft airplanes.  Their stuff is just never ending beta products.  They can get a way with it too because they just keep calling everything beta.

When MSFS comes along and I make the switch, no Aerosoft products will ever touch my sim...orbx either but that's a different subject/thread.

Aaron Ortega

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16 hours ago, sddjd said:

Gary, FYI I applied this tweak and just had another one of the 330's infamous rocket climb/dive behaviors after 9.5 hours over the Atlantic into LEMD. That doesn't mean it won't work for you, but it didn't resolve the issue on my end. 

Oh, btw, the tweak is a Prepar3d advanced setting mod from LM; there's some limited reading here:

Advanced Settings

Everything on my system is current, clean new install of P3d and the 'bus.... same old Aerosoft behavior. Lost track of how many months it's been since purchasing this add-on that remains half baked, and am honestly tired of the "our plane is perfect, you shouldn't expect to fly with scenery and AI" attitude on their support forums. 

I'm off to fly my QW/PMDG aircraft into heavy scenery, weather, and busy airports without needing to experience CFIT. 

Interesting to see this thread appear again.

I really like the AS Airbuses and so have spent a bit of time getting to the bottom of this issue.

I can confirm that on my system, it has everything to do with the injection of AI. I use Process Monitor to look for the injection of traffic.bgl files and can state 100% that they can cause a momentary dip in fps. Sometimes the Airbuses can cope with this, but others, they can't and bang, off they go...

What's interesting is that once the Airbuses lose control, the fps seems to get even worse, almost like there is some sort of control 'runaway' within the programming algorithms. My guess is that there are PID control algorithms at play that, due to relying of system fps for sync, can't handle a major disturbance in it.

Anyway, I decided to have a go at getting around the issue and created a LUA script that monitors both fps and vertical speed. If either 'throw a wobbly', the script will immediately pause the sim until some sort of normality is resumed. Seemed to get around the problem about 95% of the time.

I then refined it in .Net and decided to also automatically reduce AI% based upon altitude as I only ever observed the problem in the cruise. This works far better. About 3 months ago I purchased the A330 and have never seen it lose control.

Bottom line for me is that if I reduce AI% to approx 25% whilst in the cruise, the problem very, very rarely occurs.


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