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LINDA and the payload offset.

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Hi all,

I had a crazy thought the other day about using LINDA to change the weight value of a particular payload station in FSX. The offsets list has an entry (0x1400) and using the tracer, I could read by default the value of the weight at station 1. However, reading from the offets list, I do not understand how to interogate any subsequent station so my first question is how do I trace 0x1400 station 2 or 3 etc?

Then I thought about using 'ipc.write' to change that weight value but 'ipc.writeDBL(0x1400, 200)' didn't work. I get the feeling that actually, you can't write values into FSX using this method but I wonder if there is a way that someone here has either used or thinks might work.

It strikes me that this is probably a dead end idea but if I don't ask...

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I was wrong!

'ipc.writeDBL(0x1400, 200)' does write 200 lbs into payload station 1 so, what I am asking now is how do I write to station 2 or 3?


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You need to study the FSUIPC Offsets Status document (in /modules/fsuipc documents).

Offset 0x13FC (4 bytes) contains the count of the payload stations (n).

Offset 0x1400 (48 x n bytes) contains sets of payload data for each station. That 48 bytes per station with the start position calculated the payload station (n-1) multiplied by 48 (ie. station 2 offset is 0x1400 + ((2-1) * 48).

Also will see that each 48 byte entry contains a number of values each of 8 bytes length.

I will leave you to play with that. 

Andrew Gransden

Scotland, UK

LINDA Support/Developer - VATSIM and BAVirtual - Airbus Flyer

i7 1TB SSD GTX980 - FSX/P3D - Aerosoft Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 - FS2Crew

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I got it working by luck rather than maths. I found that 0x1400, 200 would write 200lbs to station 1 (station.0 in FSX) and just started adding numbers until I could add it to station 2. the magic number in this case was 30. So, 1430=2, 1460=3, 1490=4 etc. I did study the Offsets status doc but no matter how many times I read it, the only penny that dropped was that each station was a value of 1400+ something.

The document also says that the result needs checking in FSX which I assume somebody has done ages ago but in case not;

ipc.writeDBL(0x1430, 3000) puts 3000lbs into the second payload station, it appears as that in the FSX payload menu and switching it in makes my helicopter drop like a stone so it definately works.

I tried the same with: ipc.writeDBL(0x1448, 3000) but that didn't work although I think that is probably because I haven't coded it correctly?

Thank you for getting back to me on this, yet again you have taught me something new.

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