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Stephen Simpson

Shading software advice v4.5

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Hi folks,

Reinstalling v4.5 at the moment and seeking advice on the following for shades.




All I want is the most realistic visuals.

Many thanks.

Stephen Simpson

Systems: XP-11 System: I7 8700K 4.8Ghz,32GB 3000 DDR4 RAM,1x1TB SSD,Geforce GTX1080ti 11GB,Windows 10.

Utilities System: Surface Book 2, I7, GTX1050, 16GBRAM, 500GB SSD, Windows 10.


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I have used them all and am currently with Tomatoshade. I’m using the R&D preset and my sim never looked better. I would rank them:

1. Tomatoshade

2. Envshade

3. PTA

Another bonus with TS is the reflection maker, which allows you to add PBR like effects to non-PBR aircraft. 


i9 9900K @5GHz | Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Ultra | 32GB Gskill 3200C14 | Palit GTX 1080Ti Super Jetstream

2x Samsung 840Evo SSD | BenQ PD3200Q 32"

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I think it's all down to personal preference and what interface and "look" you're after.

I use PTA with Matt's latest preset (included in the download) and am a very happy camper. I use a fairly old computer and have no performance issues. I have never tried Tomato or Envshade so I wouldn't know how they compare, but life's too short for me to bother.

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12900K (8 cores @ 5.1-5.5 GHz / 8 cores @ 3.9 GHz ) - Asus ROG Strix Gaming D4 - GSkill Ripjaws 2x 16 Gb 4266 mhz @ 4000 mhz / cas 16- Inno3D RTX3090 X4 iCHILL 24 Gb - 1x SSD M2 2800/1800 2TB - 1x SSD M2 2800/1800 1Tb - Sata 600 SSD 500 Mb - Thermaltake Level 10 GT case - EKWB Extreme 240 liquid cooling set push/pull - 2x 43” Sony 4K tv's in NVSurround

8700K : all 6 cores @ 5.0 GHz - Asus ROG 370 - 2x 8 Gb 4000 MHz @ 3600 Mhz - Inno3D RTX 3090 X3 iCHILL 24 Gb  - 1x SSD M2 2800/1800 2TB - 2x  Sata 600 SSD 500 Mb - 1x 55” Sony 4K tv

My flightsim vids :  https://www.youtube.com/user/fswidesim/videos?shelf_id=0&sort=dd&view=0


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Tomatoshade is my recommendation.

It is free, and does basically everything PTA does including a dynamic reflection addon.

Envshade is nice, but little simpler 

PTA would be my last choice. Matt's provided profile is nice, but I am not sure how well supported PTA is nowadays.

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EASA PPL SEPL + NQ , EFIS, Variable Pitch Prop / B23 / PA28 / C172S pilot
i9 9900K  | ASUS ROG Strix RTX 2080 Ti OC | 32 GB Corsair DDR4 RAM |
MSFS | X-Plane 11 | P3D v5


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I used to use TS but switched back to envshade.  When i used tomatoshade I found that I got more jagged lines that required higher AA settings.  I didn't like the weird blue look all the time.  Didn't like how it looked at night all the time.  Some VC's were too dark.  Env doesn't always look as good as TS, but it works just fine for me.  In my non scientific opinion, env gets better performance.  

12700k, Strix Z690A MB, EVGA FTW3 3090, 32gb DDR4 3600 CL14, EVO 970 M.2's, 43" Samsung X60R 4k and 2  22" monitors,  Corsair RM1000x,  360MM MSI MEG, MFG Crosswind, T16000M Stick, Boeing TCA Yoke/Throttle, Skalarki MCDU and FCU, Saitek Radio Panel/Switch Panel, Spad.Next

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