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Multi Monitors on Nvidia Surround.

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Hello All.

I am new to this forum so will describe my set up before my question.

I run at 5.1 Ghs on a water cooled system , the over clocking was the standard ASUS onboard Apps.

The FSX CFG file is fsx standard, the PSU is 1250  or 1500 cant remember but it’s a Tagan Unite.

3 x AMD HD 6970 graphics cards quite old now, Each card drives 3 monitors in AMD Eyefinity. Making  up 3 big screens all from the above PC, then another 3 monitors on network PCs for maps etc. it’s a real sham you can not run multiple of FSX in synchronisation to spread the load.  

The display from bottom upwards are all Virtual Cockpit Views of the Default King Air , 4 VC in total.

First Card group one of 3 monitors showing VC Instruments below the shelf.

Middle Card group two of 3 monitors showing VC view out the windscreen above the shelf.

Top Card Group three of 3 Monitors, VC left engine and wing, VC right engine and wing, the one of the

overhead panel, so making up a near full cockpit, I can set any aircraft up like this.

Above Friday Harbour default King Air on one 24 inch monitor gives 190 to 225 FPS.

Set up as above about 45 to 50 FPS,  Swop for Flight 1 King Air on the runway in rain and 300 meters vis

19 to 21 FPS. I really would like to get around 24 or 25 FPS I could manage on this all is smooth.


Can  3 Nvidia Top end Card be set out in groups of 3 as stated above. Using Nvidia Surround .

Will 3 Nvidia Top end cards give me the extra 5 or 6 FPS, (Nvidia Cards being about double the price of AMD  Cards)

The cards must have four outputs, ie 3 DP then to DP to DVI adapters to the Monitors  , then a HDMI output so to do away with the third card, and up the PCIe rate, But I don’t think you will be able to get into Full Screen mode this way.

Many Thanks 














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2 hours ago, Trubshaw said:

Can  3 Nvidia Top end Card be set out in groups of 3 as stated above. Using Nvidia Surround .

On a single PC, as soon as you create more than one main render view/window your FPS will drop regardless of the number of GPUs ... 1,2,3 surround or no surround.

I don't know about FSX, but in P3D what you are trying to achieve (high FPS) would require Multi-channel setup ... genlock capable GPUs, and master genlock sync PCIe card, PC for each display and a "master" PC ... I tallied this up to about $19,300 US for a 3X 4K display setup (also requires multiple licenses).  The P3D Learning Center .chm file explains requirements and how to setup.

DX12 Explicit Multi-GPU is an alternative, but currently no simulator is coded using this approach.

Cheers, Rob.

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Hello Rob.

What you are detailing is way above my skill level. I have built all my 4 PC not knowing hardly anything, just that bit looks like it goes there  and the bit slots into there. And trial and error, Over the year I reckon I have spent about £30,000 to date. It’s my own design walk-in through sliding doors with an array of monitors, and Hardware, Sort of mix and match, PFC console, CP flight MCP etc, and Go Flight modules..

The Monitor layout  moves in slots, so I can have the monitors  ie 2 straight and the left canted round which suits the FSX seating display. .Or tone on each side canted so as to suite a single seat fighter. Rather the a fixed Boing cockpit as builders do, The Beauty of this is I can get close to resembling any cockpit and if I ever stepped in a jet fighter I would have some feeling as to what was what. I am happy with my sim.

I use AMD cards and just want to know if it will give me the same as my Eyefinity grouping of displays.

And will I get those extra 6 FPS.

Its 9 Monitors on one PC, to keep it all in synchronisation., I will be very happy if I can get another 6 FPS I want to keep all my views,.It great looking out the side and front seeing airports downwind.leg.

will it work as my AMD Eyefinity.

Have spoken to Nvidia at fist there said Surround only support 5monitor,

Then they said it would work but only in that game, FSX can be a game or used as a proper simulator.

Really think they are uncertain about this as probably never tried it.

So need  hands on Surround user before parting with £2500













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Ok, sorry, don't really know that much about AMD cards.  

On nVidia, I would think you can setup 3x monitor surround per GPU (not in SLI mode) and have 3 surround definitions but I honestly have never tried such a setup but the surround definitions would still review new view for each surround definition and this will significantly reduce FPS.

Cheers, Rob.

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I run a basic triple screen side by side on Pascal Titans. I wish I was experienced with other kinds of setups to be able to help...

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Hi  chaps.

Thanks for replies, Rob seems to thinks Surround will give the same as I run  now on Eyefinity, ie one group per GPU.

I purchased a Radeon W9100 at £1500 a couple of weeks ago from Novatech. It has 6 Mini DisplayPort, but using DVI adaptors it only managed 5 screens. And I learnt you could only get one group of 6 screen in eyefinity which was of no use to me, as my middle group of monitors are bigger than the ones for the instrument group. Ie  I need two groups instruments and view, so two GPUs required,

So I drove 180miles round trip and returned the card. Spent about 3 hours in shop trying to get my money back, ended up losing £150 and driving back home

States a 14 day return policy on the web site, not true..

Remember PCIe slot 16 lanes, put another card in the its 8 lanes, add another god knows what it is maybe 4 per lane , 

Tried 2 cards and the 2 onboard motherboard display outputs,

Would not go into Full Screen mode, 

So you have to use 3 GPUs to get 9 monitors in Full Screen mode.

This leads me to think, using the  one HMDI output  from each card will not work either, you will get a group of 4 monitors per gpu , you will not be able to get another group out of it.

So the only way to get 3 groups , you have to install is 3 GPUs

Sod,s Law




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Hi Trubshaw,

Like I suggested, if you want to run 9 monitors, then Multi-channel is the only viable method for P3D (don't know about FSX) with acceptable FPS.  I don't know if AMD cards support genlock?  But P3D documentation strongly suggests genlock capable GPU usage in order to keep frames across all the monitors/PCs correctly synchronized.  The genlock source sync card would go in the Master PC ... with this setup you should be able to run 9 monitors at 60/60 or 30/30 FPS/Hz.  4 PCs with a nVidia Quadro cards (as far as I know only the Quadro GPU support genlock).   

I honestly don't think any other solution is going to work well for you.

Cheers, Rob.

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Hi Rob and All.

Thank you for replies , The genlock looks like a fantastic piece of kit.

And probably quite simple to install, spreading the load across a number of PCs.. I have 4 PC in a network all dedicated to FSX. 

PD 3 simulator is a 64 bit simulator so I would think much better than FSX.

The problem is , I am quite old now, and setting up a complete new system and learning a new sim would take time,, and my time is running out, So for me it’s better to stay with FSX. When I say time it would be about a year to be really familiar with a new sim. I use to fly jets and it took about a year clocking in about 6 hours a day to be really competent with the aircraft, 

So I’ve got to get the best out of one PC running FSX  on  9 monitors  keeping them in synchronisation, Genlock sounds fantastic I wish it came with FSX.

I purchased Radeon W9100 Card a couple of weeks ago, £1500. From Novatech , UK .The Card had 6 Mini DisplayPort, but would only run 5 ,monitors also  found out you cannot get two groups of 3 monitors from one card,  So i drove 180 miles round trip to return it.

Spent 3 hours in the shop trying to get my money Back , End up getting £1350 back,  Web site states 14 day returns policy!  I lost £150 plus a day of my life. 

One card one 16 lanes slot. Two cards 8 lane slots , Three cards even less

maybe 4 lans slots. , I have used two cards and the 2 motherboard displays outputs, Will not work in full screen mode, Also Using the HDMI output will not work either., you will get a group of four! But not a separate group.of 3.

If you want 3 groups you have to run 3 GPUs ,Sod,s Law.

So its two very expensive Nvidia cards plus one cheaper card for the overhead and side view,  Hoping Nvidia will just get me about 6 or 7 extra FPS at a cost of around £2500,  Crazy Stuff 




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Hello again.

I’ve been looking at genlock, I see Nvidia only support this on various cards, Is it support on the new card  2070 or 2090 cards,

Also there os Frame lock, vsych, G sych, etc all built into the graphic card.

My monitors are 24 inch proper computer monitors some years old, a resolution say 1900x1200 with a VGA or DVI inputs.

All the new graphics cards have HMDI or Display Port output connector , I use AMD Eyefinity  the connections are made with DisplayPort to DVI adapters made by Startec, and all works well.

If I get new NVIDIA cards will I have G Svch , Vsych  etc, or do you have to purchase new Monitors with vsych and G sych built in, 

i n brief can I still use my old NEC and HP monitors




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