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Moving to p3d v4 from FSX:SE

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Good morning all, 

With being stuck at home more I've dusted off the old FSX:SE; I've had so many random CTDs and its hard to begin diagnosing what is causing it,  but have been asking myself should I bite the bullet and move to p3d?  I have a couple of questions (and if these have been asked before I apologize) about add ons and migrating. 

I use the following FSX:SE products 

Radar Contact V4
PMDG 737NGX, 777, J41
UT2 Live 
Active Sky Next
REX WorldWide HD Airports
EZDok Pro V3

So if I decide to move, do I need to repurchase all of these add-ons or similar? I'm just thinking of the money I have invested into the FSX:SE product line.  

PC Specs Just for reference
- i7 6700 3.40GHz
-16 GB DDR4 
-NVIDIA GTX 1070 (With Surround) 

Thanks for the input and apologies if this has been asked before or if i'm in the wrong place!


Rob Sciarrino


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Posted (edited)

Unless your "random CTDs" have been due to out of memory errors, I would think that it might be a good idea to investigate the cause. If it is not your FSX installation, then the random CTDs are likely to continue regardless of your simulator version.

As far as I can see, you will need USD 209.98 for your 737 and 777, you will not be able to use your JS41 and you will need another version of Active Sky at the full price apparently


(Steam/ASN:SE purchases are not eligible for upgrade)

at 36 euros until the end of this month when the price returns to 52 euros.

Your other software should work without the need to buy it again.

There is a likelihood that before long there may be yet another P3D version which might require more purchases and another likelihood of an entirely new simulator version from Microsoft.


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Could be a pricey move, I know it was for me. I too had the Steam version of Active Sky and could nto therefore get a discount for a P3D version, and since I also wanted Active Sky Clouds too, I waited until they had a sale to buy those, which wasn't much of a discount but it was a least a bit cheaper. Similarly, some PMDG stuff needed buying again as a full priced version and so I tended to opt for other things where that was concerned as that would have been really expensive, i.e. got the iFly 747 and the 737 rather than buying the PMDG ones again, since there were discounts for having had the FSX versions of those iFly versions. Having said that, many things I had for FSX went straight into P3D no problem.

The point here is that unless you want to lump yourself with what could end up being quite a chunk of cash leaving your wallet in one fell swoop, you might want to make it a rolling change, taking advantage of any sales as and when they materialise. P3D is pretty good out of the box, so you can get by with a few utilities (many of which you may already have in FSX form which will work in P3D no problem). Ultimately, I'm glad to have made the switch,. but as I say, it wasn't dirt cheap to do it and would have been even more expensive without some careful judgement on what and what not to buy.

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Alan Bradbury

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I recently moved to P3D myself from  FSX Steam, mainly because of the memory issues. Some stuff worked in both - e.g. Carenado, OldProp - some stuff I had to pay for the upgrade. A few companies lost me as a customer, because they wanted me to pay full price again. Nope, not happening. 

I hated EZDok for FSX Steam and am happy I moved to Chaseplane. Works flawlessly in P3D.

Luckily, a lot of my addon airports were from Aerosoft, so I was able to take advantage of their generous upgrade offers. Ditto for their Airbuses and their CRJs, both of which I had bought for FSX Steam. 

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I recently moved from FSX to P3D over the Christmas break ad I can only day it was well worth it. Timing it right with bargains, £400 got me REX SkyForce, ORBX ESSA, LOWI and Global, the FSLabs a320, Aerosoft Zurich, Frankfurt and Heathrow and GSX. 

One of the reasons I switched was how many companies have a "one code" policy. FSLabs and Aerosoft both have this and only required a small amount of money to switch sims. If you're interested in the new MSFS, this could help with addons, albeit setting you back £400 :-). 

Honestly, all FSX freeware airports work with P3D on my rig.


Lastly, I have an RTX2060 and my processor runs at 3.7Ghz, and I get 30fps on 4k textures in the FSL at Aerosoft Heathrow on a rainy day, if that sets a bar.


Hope this helps,



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P3d is definitely better than FSX, but with a new MSFS coming out, possibly this year, I'm not sure it's worth the upgrade at this point. You'll spend at least 300 bucks to update everything to work with p3d, and you'll still have, essentially, FSX with improvements and fewer (though certainly not eliminated) crashes.

I still crash from time to time the same way I did in FSX -- usually fairly late in the approach after a long flight in a PMDG plane. It's not the same cause as the OOM crash in FSX, but at the end of the day, who cares what the cause is if you can't fix it?


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