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Adrian West

Best FLC speed settings

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Hi again.

I have read the recent thread about speed control, and have found that the best way to control the aircraft on take-off is to use VS initially, then to set a suitable speed before engaging FLC mode. However I am not sure what speeds to select, as clearly the IAS will drop the higher the altitude is. Yesterday I did a test flight from EGKK to EHAM, and was aiming at FL350 (which actually turned out to be far too high for this short flight). I had the speed set at around 280 kts, and the aircraft was already more than halfway to EHAM by the time it reached cruise altitude (and actually should already have started its descent). Obviously we want to get to cruise altitude as quickly as possible. What speed selections would you recommend? Will I need to gradually reduce the speed selection as I get higher? 

Thanks again.


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The correct climb speed is 225kias/M0.60.  The crossover altitude is FL295. If the aircraft doesn't automatically switch over, you must do that (don't know if the Carenado version has an IAS/M switch).

If you climb at a constant Mach number, the IAS constantly decreases.

Not sure if the Carenado version has the correct N1 limit indications but AFAIR above 14000ft you can always firewall the thrust levers to achieve the correct max cont./climb thrust.

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In the Speed knob, a left click will switch the IAS/M mode, and a right click will capture actual airspeed into selected airspeed. However There is no automatic switching.


Hope this helps.



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