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vPilot feature question

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Hi all,

With vPilot, is it possible that if you don't have a correct livery installed for a user on the network, let's say as an example there was a BAW A320 but I didn't have a BAW livery installed, is it possible to get that aircraft to show as just another A320 with a different livery, rather than the default CRJ - I believe xPilot does this, just wondering if it's possible with vPilot?

Many thanks

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If you go to the Settings tab in vPilot and then select 'model matching', you will see that you can nominate a default model of your choice to replace a model/livery you don't have in your AI library.  Go to the AI aircraft's  .cfg and from your available livery entries, copy the 'description' field of the model you  would prefer as your default choice (if vPilot cannot match someone's aircraft)  and paste it into the 'Default Model' field within vPilot.  So every time vPilot cannot find a suitable match for other online aircraft, it'll use that model/livery

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your best bet is to pickup the free program FLAi.  It puts tons of livery's on your computer.  Worth checking out for sure

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Sometimes people fly obscure aircraft/livery combinations which don't exist at all.  It's good to have a more realistic regional default airctaft to replace these anomalies.  

But agree, FLAI has a great, expansive library of current aircraft/liveries.  There is very little that doesn't match

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Hi all

Another question if you guys don't mind.

So I'm using now FLAI which seems to work really good, thanks to those that recommended. Just a question, for aircraft that have the type as B77L on vatsim, the FLAI doesn't seem to recognise it so it shows as whatever I have set for the default aircraft. I went into the Boeing 777-200 folder for FLAI which is under FLAI_B772, and looked in the aircraft.cfg and found this section:

performance=Cruise Speed\tMach .84\nMaximum Range\t5,720 nm\nService Ceiling\t35,000 ft\nMax Takeoff Weight\t660,000 lb\nSeating\t\t336 to 550\nCargo Capacity\t20 standard LD3 containers \n


Under the atc_model, would I be able to add B77L to that so that vpilot then recognises that type code and displays it as a 777 instead of the default aircraft? Can I simply just change it to atc_model= B772 B77L, or would it need a comma like atc_model=B772,B77L ?


Hope this makes sense and thanks for the help!

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