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Installing RealAir Duke in Prepar3d

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I've never grown tired of the Real Air Duke in FSX or Prepar3d, and it remained one of my favorites in v.4 of Prepar3d. Having just installed Prepar3d v5, my aim was to add the Duke v2 to the new sim.

When I last installed the Duke in Prepar3d v4, I used the instructions uploaded by Mike Lab on how to use the FSX installer to install the aircraft  and its related files into the SimObjects/Airplanes folder by pointing the FSX installer to Prepar3dv4 folder. There were also instructions for replacking a sound gauge  file in the gauges folder. These instructions are posted in the Tips and Tricks section of this Forum.

In trying once again to enjoy this aircraft in v5, I located my old installer. When I attempt to execute the installer app, it wants to connect to the internet, and the process fails at that point. Thus, it appears that the method that used the FSX installer is no longer valid, as the internet connection is apparently broken.

What are the workarounds that will bring me joy and get the RA Duke v2 up and running in Prepar3d v5. Can I just copy of the Duke files from the SimObjects/Airplanes folder for the Duke in version 4.5 (I kept 4.5 on my system) to the similar Simobjects/Airplanes folder of v5, and manually copy the Duke's gauge files from v4 over to the gauges folder in v5.  Will this give me a complete aircraft that will operate in v5 without a glitch as it did in v4? Am I missing something vital if I I do this?

Appreciate any help with this issue, as I will enjoy v5 much more with the Duke in my hangar.


Rich LaShier

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I used the standard installers from RealAirSimulations.net and everything worked fine. They are *fantastic* installers, and make me miss RealAir all the much more. 

John Howell

Prepar3D V5, Windows 10 Pro, I7-9700K @ 4.6Ghz, EVGA GTX1080, 32GB Corsair Dominator 3200GHz, SanDisk Ultimate Pro 480GB SSD (OS), 2x Samsung 1TB 970 EVO M.2 (P3D), Corsair H80i V2 AIO Cooler 

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I imagine you have the P3Dv4.x installed. I just bought a new computer and do not have the P3Dv4 installed, so the RealAir installer doesn't let me chose P3Dv4 in the install because everything is greyed out. By default, it does the fsx install and this does not work even with the .xml and .cfg mod. 

So rlashier is not the only one. What do we do if we do not have the p3Dv4.x installed ? Thanks in advance. 

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I posted the fix in the below thread. You can install with all the simulator options grayed out but the config tool wont work. For everything to work correctly you need to make a dummy registry entry so the installer thinks you have v4 installed and then point the installer to your v5 add ons folder.


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Thank you so much ! That's the way to do it.For those not comfortable playing with the registry, there's an easy way to solve this. First go to the above link and find vrdubin6 post. Open regedit and locate the entry (Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5), right click on "Prepar3D v5" entry in the left tree and do "export". Open the exported file with text editor like notepad++ change the first line  from [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5] to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4] and save the file XXX.reg (file name does not matter). 

Double click on this XXX.reg file. You will be asked if you are sure click yes and you are done.  Install Duke v2 and the installer will find the Prepar3D v4 pointing to the Prepar3D v5. 

Thanks again ! 

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