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Goflight throttle Quadrant has multiple functions at once

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I had made the step into Prepar3d V4.5 last year and thought it would be handy to fly a bit first and then use my Goflight stuff.

Yet now that I try to use the GF-TQ6 throttle quadrant, I notice that it is having multiple functions per Lever.

For instance I did choose Throttle Eng 1 on the first lever. Throttle engine  2 on lever 2 etc. Flaps and Airbrake included.
Prepared takes those functions, but also adds its own. Like Lever 1 is Throttle for engine 1 and Ailerone. Lever 2 is Throttle engine 2 and Elevator function, going down.
Lever 3 is Throttle Engine 3 and View. Lever 4 is Throttle Engine 4 and Reversed view.

Well these extra views are nice, but not in combo with the desired functions. Begin Throttle.
I could not find a way to get rid of the extra functions.  Is there a way?

Thanks ahead.
Rob B

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When I had my GF-TQ6 I always used FSUIPC to set it up, complete accuracy and never had a problem.


Neil Ward

CPU Intel Core i7 7740X@4.30Ghz with FrostFlow 240L Liquid Cooling, M/B ROG STRIX X299-E-GAMING, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, RAM G.Skill 32GB DDR4 Ripjaws Blue, 

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I did have a look into that dungeon today. And I need a couple of days to roam through it, to find the exit again 😉

In short, I did accomplish some things, but the throttle is in the GT6 retracted completely but in Prepar3d it idles somewhere half the route.


Thanks for pointing it out.



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@emisary, you need to first disable controllers in P3D. That is a global switch that renders all your hardware blank.

Start with a simple one-engine aircraft like the Cub.

You then use FSUIPC to first detect an axis (by moving it so FSUIPC registers it) and then choose which command to link it to.

For elevator, aileron, rudder, left brake and right brake you can assign the actions to all aircraft since they apply whatever the aircraft. Then, when you're looking at individual aircraft you can create a profile for each. So the Cub would have a separate profile to a 737 for example. Each profile is stored in the FSUIPCn.INI file.

That way, you cannot have double assignments and the whole process is easy to manage.

You can then expand each profile to include button presses for particular aircraft. For example, I have a toggle button for the PMDG737. When pressed up it sets TOGA and when pressed down it starts the clock. But only for that aircraft. When I switch to another that button is free for anything.

Regarding your point about the throttle only using half its axis there is an option to indicate if there is no reverse thrust section. Try enabling that and you should get full travel.

Ray (Cheshire, England).
System: P3D v5.3HF2, Intel i9-13900K, MSI 4090 GAMING X TRIO 24G, Crucial T700 4Tb M.2 SSD, Asus ROG Maximus Z790 Hero, 32Gb Corsair Vengeance DDR5 6000Mhz RAM, Win 11 Pro 64-bit, BenQ PD3200U 32” UHD monitor, Fulcrum One yoke.
Cheadle Hulme Weather

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