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FPS drop after 60 minutes Using A330 Aerosoft with Navigraph

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Just for your information. I posted this on Aerosoft Support forum too. But if there are others having this issue....read carefully.

I did some tests and could further lead to a setup wich lead to my issue. 

My flight Setup normally, summarized:

  • Starting Axx config app to log me in to navigraph charts and his browser via the "Login in browser" button
  • Simlink is normally used! Version navigraph-simlink-win- BUT for this test below "deactivated" and NOT used!
  • Start a flight at a gate (here LSZH)
  • Setup/Config the plane (not from C&D but running on Ground unit power)
  • Searching and adding the needed navigraph charts to the "kneeboard"
  • Configured the whole Aircraft and its settings incl using Checklists etc.
  • Taxi and Take off
  • Change the chart to a SID chart wich I stored at the kneeboard
  • Start flying manually
  • Engage Autopilot
  • Run on autopilot mode
  • Change the chart to a destination chart wich I stored to the kneeboard

My issue summarized:
After round about 45 to 60 minutes of using P3D with the A330 aircraft incl. initial setup at gate and flying, my FPS starts going down every 30 Seconds, for the duration of 60 seconds, and than goes up to normal again. After exactly 30 seconds down again for the duration of again 60 seconds and than up again. 


So the first 45 to 60 Minutes using A330 and P3D V5 everything is normal and stable! FPS between 30 and 45 with VR on!


The real issues comes in after these first 45 to 60 minutes and than stays! like above explained (FPS 60 seconds down, FPS 30 seconds up.......) 


I am flying VR and having "normally" round about 30 to 45 FPS above African LC ORBX. When the FPS drops, it drops to round about 16 - 20 FPS AND the FPS counter seems to refresh less often. 
That less often means, it seems like normally it refreshes 3 to 4 times a second and in "dropped mode" just 1 to 2 times a second.


Now I did run following Testcase based on the flight above, wich I "saved and shut down P3DV5".


Setup for this test 1:

  • Status Axx Config app Navigraph radiobutton selected and NOT logged in to the browser!
  • Simlink NOT active. It is installed but I disabled the addon prior starting P3DV5 because I assume there could be a relation between this issue and simlink.


Start Test 1 at 09:45 german time:

09:45 German Time 

  • Started the saved flight with the A330 at 09:45 o clock German time. Route LSZH - HKJK default airline Swiss Air full setup and flying on autopilot
  • EFB is still showing the Checks/Flows page incl. red error message regarding charts - I did NOT change/touch any setting in the EFB. Just flying on Autopilot and leave the error as it is


10:30 German time: 

  • During flight I opened Axx Config App to log me in on Navigraph. I logged me in and I left simlink "untouched"! No simlink active!
  • I clicked the Error messages (2) in the EFB away
  • I refreshed the EFB while staying still on the Check/Flows page by double click on the page (double click on checks/flows page - standard refresh/reload function EFB)

11:45 German time: 

  • I checked the status in the Axx Config app to see if I am still logged in. That is not the case anymore. Status now is "Logged out". Button "Login in browser" is shown. I did not change anything else yet.

12:15 german time:

  • Till now the FPS are still stable and NOT showing any "drops" which lasts between 45 and 60 Seconds (that was the case before when using simlink and navigraph charts). I still did not use the EFB Navigraph chart page and still Simlink is not active yet

12:30 german time:

  • FPS are still stable. I clicked "Charts" Tab in EFB and loaded in a Chart from the "Kneeboard" wich I "added" there before starting my testcase. NOTE: Did not refresh the EFB again. Chart could be loaded without refreshing/reloading the EFB. No errors came up allthough I am "not" logged in regarding the Aerosoft A330 Config app. I can also load any other chart shown in the EFB. Regardless the Airport. 
  • So the EFB connection must be "active" / "existing" in background. OK for me so far.

13:00 german time:

  • Still stable FPS between 30 and 45. 

13:07 german time:

  • Saved the flight and shut down P3D. Till so far no issues (Simlink still deactivated and not in use).


Start test 2

13:08 german time:

  • At the A3xx app I now logged in prior starting P3D V5 via "login in browser" (navigraph), clicked "yes allow" in Chrome Broser and closed the browser and the A3xx config app (NOTE: simlink is still deactivated and NOT used)

13:10 german time:

  • Started P3D V5

13:13 german time:

  • Loaded saved flight (still above African LC ORBX). EFB shows no errors (which is ok as I am logged in). I clicked the "charts TAB" and loaded a chart from the kneeboard. 
  • Also I did the "Wind" updates on the "init page". FPS are between 30 and 45 again. So still stable and normal behaviour. 
  • I will now keep the flight for at least 1 hour running (to see if the FPS drops again with just using Navigraph charts and initially being logged in into the Navigraph browser. Simlink not in use yet).

13:58 german time:

  • exactly after 45 minutes FPS drops again to between 18 and 25 fps for the duration of round about 60 seconds. Than up to normal behaviour between 30 and 45 fps for 30 seconds again. Than drops to between 18 and 25 again....this itteration behaviour stays and does not go away.
  • I check the "logged in status" via Axx config app. I am still logged in. restarting the app a couple of times does not yet change that. A few minutes (between 5 and 10) later the app shows I am NOT logged in anymore! So the app logged me out automaticly (probably after round about 45 to 60 minutes total time being logged in).
  • I stopped the flight after that by closing P3D


  • Simlink is excluded as I deactivated it and it is not used in this test!
  • Without using Navigraph charts and not being logged in before starting P3D and a flight with an A330, there are NO issues at all.
  • If logged in by using "login to browser" via the Axx config app, prior starting P3D, and than start a flight and using navigraph charts, this issue occurs. 
  • If  not being logged in by using "login to browser" via the Axx config app"before starting P3D  not problems and also no problems WHILE flying, loggin in and refreshing the EFB. This issue will NOT come up! Only if prior starting P3D and a flight being logged in!
  • This issues is reproducable every time with this setup. 
  • This issues does NOT occur using other planes. Also NOT with PMDG and his EFB.
  • This issue does not occur if not being logged in via Axx config app with "login to browser" and therefour NOT using the navigraph charts

So there must be a relation to A330, EFB and Navigraph when you log in before using P3D and starting a flight. It seems that if the EFB is loosing the connection it is running some processes to reconnect but it fails! This starts everytime after round about 45 to 60 minutes......so everytime short around the time the App shows you that you are logged out again!


At 14:45 German Time

  • I reloaded the saved flight again, not being logged in via Axx config app and leaving the 2 error messages on the EFB without touching anything. FPS are back again to nromal behaviour!


Hope this helps sorting out the problem.

Regards Marcus

My System specs:


Edition Windows 10 Home
Version 2004
Installed on 20200501
OS Build 1904.208
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2202.130.0

Latest Nvidia Drivers

HMD VR WMR HP Reverb v2
i7 8700K all cores to 5.1 GhZ HT OFF
32 GB RAM 3600 MhZ Corsair Vengeance
RTX Titan 24GB
32" Samsung UHD Monitor using highest resolution


ASP3D 7448 Open Beta
ChasePlane (via ORBX)
Airbus A330
PMDG 747/748
QW787 V1.3.0
Navigraph Charts/Simlink
ORBX Regions
ORBX HD Buildings
Several Addon Aiports all by .xml method installed

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