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Best Embrarer?

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Hi guys-


I've been searching around and thought I'd come to the experts.  I currently am running Prepar3d v4 and do not plan to upgrade to v5, like many of us waiting on MSFS2020.  In the meantime I'd like a regional 170/195 to play around with.  I have the PMDG 737, Q400, but looking for something in the jet category.  I've looked at the CRJs, but looking more for the 175/190.  I have a navigraph subscription, so being able to use the updated FMC is important.  Does anyone have a thought which is the best overall for price, ease to fly, and able to use navigraph?



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The Feelthere E-jets 170/5 and 190/5 could be a good product if they didn’t refuse to actually do any significant work on them and include features that should be expected in 2020. 

It just shows that they’re just using the old tech from the previous iterations instead of building something new.

i find it rather outrageous that they don’t have a terrain display and no panel and cockpit lighting during the day. Makes buttons hard to read in shadows or twilight. That’s an FSX issue that shouldn’t be there anymore  in the fifth iteration of P3D. 

On top of that they’ve also stated the weather radar won’t work in P3D5. 

They just won’t add this stuff. It’s time for people to vote with their wallets in my opinion. This is unacceptable for a 2020 addon. 

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Feelthere Ejet v3 while initially very buggy, with SP1 is as flyable as CS757 and QW787, if that make sence to you...

BUT, still very overpriced IMO.

Someone in other post would recommande their E145, I didn't have it for P3D but for FS9, if it's as good as that, maybe wrorth try.

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