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Best low wing fixed pitch prop?

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17 hours ago, ryanbatcund said:

Thanks gentlemen.  Some background on my real world flying.  I got my PPL ASEL way back in 2004.  But it was part of a collegiate program and I rarely flew after.  I had flown with friends in the right seat quite a bit from then until now but only recently that I started flying again...got my flight review a few days ago!  I've only got about 80ish hours total time and sadly only like 20 PIC.

Ain't nuthin' sad about it, my friend! Congratulations on getting back into it!

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Mike Ryan - My Aviation YouTube Channel

Private pilot, instrument student, aviation junkie. Based in real life at KRME. In the flight sim world based at TNCM. I fly exclusively light GA. Current favorite: Alabeo PA44 Seminole. Obsessed with flying in the Caribbean, in real-life and sim. 

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On 6/29/2020 at 6:50 PM, Mace said:

The A2A Cherokee is my favorite in that class.  It has it *all*. 

I also enjoy the JustFlight Piper Tomahawk, even though JustFlight have messed up the flight model with their latest version...(luckily, I retained the old flight model which was closer to the real a/c.)   One major, in my book, limitation of the JF Tomahawk is its lack of windshield rain effect, which would be amazing in that big massive greenhouse of a cockpit.  We're talkin 360 degree view.  

I learned to fly in a Tomahawk, and have a definite fondness for the aircraft. Certainly has a fantastic view with the bubble canopy. Easier to land than a high-wing Cessna, but has some rather squirrelly flight characteristics - especially when doing power-on stalls.

The problem with a simulated (or real) Tomahawk or C-150/152 is that they are slow. About 105 knots is the best you can do in cruise. Avionics are somewhat limited - a stock Tomahawk typically came with a single KX-170 Nav/Com, with no glideslope capability, and a basic KT-76 transponder. 

I can heartily recommend anything by A2A. Their Cherokee 180 and Cessna 172 are similar in terms of r/w performance (cruise speed, fuel consumption etc.) Both are fixed pitch, and both can be outfitted with a full suite of IFR avionics, including F1 or RXP GNS/GTN. It kind of boils down to whether you prefer low wing or high wing. A2A’s aerodynamics are superb in all of their products, as are the emulation of aircraft systems.



Jim Barrett

Licensed Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic, Avionics, Electrical & Air Data Systems Specialist. Qualified on: Falcon 900, CRJ-200, Dornier 328-100, Hawker 850XP and 1000, Lear 35, 45, 55 and 60, Gulfstream IV and 550, Embraer 135, Beech Premiere and 400A, MD-80.

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