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Can the default Lighting II hover?

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Hello all,

Haven't used the stock Lightning II in P3D v4.5 yet, decided to give it a spin, not too sure how to work the engine nozzle to 'hover' though, like you see done at airshow displays. I googled it, get a fair amount of pages on how it works, and the real thing, but not alot about the P3D one.

A couple of video's are shown outside, and other shows it doing it from the ground on a vertical lift off, by pressing the dump fuel, then the VTOL button and then changing the mode to Hover. I can't see how to change it to Hover in the air, the HOOK/VTOL button doesn't change it, and pressing 'Dump' doesn't dump the fuel either. I can't find much else in what to do, I'm sure it's simple when you know how!

Can anyone point me to a video or site I may have missed please?


Any help appreciated


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Hi James,

Sorry, not an expert here, but I’ve never seen or heard of anyone hovering in the P3D F-35. DCS Harrier, yes - that is a lot of fun.

So, I don’t think it’s a thing, but if I’m wrong i’m sure someone who has more f-35 expertise will chime in.


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Theres always some confusion between the advanced payware version and the stripped down version by the same author that's included with P3d5.

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Depends on which F35 variant it is. There are three main ones, the A, B and C. 

The A is a conventional jet which does CTOL (conventional take off and landing), the B does STOVL (short take off and vertical landing), the C is the CV (carrier variant) which is VTOL capable (vertical take off and landing) but it can of course also take off via catapult and land with an arrestor hook.

So only the B and C variants are designed to hover. Other differences are with armament and some construction details; the A is the only one with an internal gun, the B is the one Britain has despite it operating from carriers, since it will take off with a ski jump but land from a hover, the C has bigger wings (which fold) and it is braced for catapult launches, so it is the most like a typical carrier jet, it also has more internal fuel, giving it longer range. All of them have stealth capabilities and very similar avionics.

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The P3D v4 airplanes are the conventional "A" variant.

P3D v5 introduces the "B" and "C" variants as well - the "B" variant does have the swiveling nozzle and lift fan capability. (Note: the real world "C" model does not have this -  it does have more robust components for use on a carrier, but not the SVTOL hardware)

If I remember right, the prop control is mapped to the SVTOL features on the "B" model. It didn't feel super-realistic when I tried it out, but it was fun to play with.


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