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Problem, the zoom keyboard keys are not working on P3D v5.

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I don't know if it was something I did or if it is something with the install. When I first got P3D v5 the keyboard keys for zoom, -,= were working and now they are not. I have chaseplane could that be interferring with it? Anyway, I like to use the A2A C172 for GA flying and that's what I learned simming on.

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Did you check your keyboard assignments? I am out of town but if I remember correctly, Click on Options | General | Controls (I think). Check it there. If i am mistaken about the exact keystrokes involved, I am sure somebody will chime in!

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My history with FSX and P3D versions have always included off and on moments of external zoom keys taking a nap. That includes a time before Chaseplane even existed. I just have to ignore zoom keys and use other views and eventually zoom keys resume working. It's been a long time since I got upset about periods of zoom keys dropping out.They always come back.

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I'm having this issue with a clean install of v5 with chaseplane being the only addon. I have disabled p3d view controls and assigned chaseplane the equals and minus signs as zoom in and out. The keys don't seem to work in the "outside" view.

Evan Hardin 

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In P3D, the first cockpit view is all controlled by CP therefore my standard zoom keys do not work. If you switch to another cockipit view using the "A" key and zoom , I think you will find they work with the std P3D zoom plus and minus keys.


For the cockpit view that's linked to CP, you can zoom but I use the central wheel on my mouse, push down and scroll in either direction to zoom in/out. This combination for me allows you to zoom the cockpit view in CP without having to enter the Camera tab of CP and adjust the zoom that way.

I'm sure there are others ways to control the zoom function in the CP view but thats the way I do it. Its quick and effective.



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Mark Aldridge
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