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Pilot2atc for MFS2020

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Many of us would be happy if Pilot2atc will modify their app to be suitable for MFS2020, also.I think just adating theapp with simconnect would be okey for this (not sure) Some of us like to fly offline with speech recognition.And hopefully speech recognition will be implemented to MFS2020 itself in the near future.

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I am sure Pilot2ATC will be in time.   And I will be glad to see it, I have my P2A machine sitting idle unless i am in XPlane and the ATC in 2020 is far from immersive...

The quicker they get that SDK out there the better, while basic Simconnect things are operational (Littlenavmap for instance), once that part is open and documented the flood gates will open for add ons.


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I hope they make a logical VR menu solution and voice recognition on ATC at some point, just like Pilot2ATC only with better TTS technology they already use.Even with additional voices P2ATC sounds unrealistic. MSFS has much greater TTS solution, but they don't use it for voice-activated ATC. They do need to something with the whole ATC interface though... It needs to be voice-recognition based, at least optionally. And I don't see enough interaction, like changing and assigning SIDS/STARS, requesting altitude changes etc. It would not be hard to implement all this, and optimize it for voice recognition and VR. We'll see if Asobo will do that. The technology is there, and MSFS already uses it (Azure voices if I recall). Just needs the voice recognition part and a bit more detail in interactions.

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What, the new sim needs atc. RU kiddin.

I5 9600k@ 4.8ghz    rx580 limping-along   2x  23" 1080P Monitors

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Commenting from a Blind flight simmer's point of view.

I depend on audio since my eyes don't work. 

I'm hoping that MSFS 2020 will be accessible like MSF steam was via keyboard input, voice input, and voice output.

I'm still trying to get a e-mail address so that I may write to the MSFS 2020 team, to show them how we interact with our pc via a screen reader.

Also, how we interact with FSX Steam.

Then our view points on how to make MSFS 2020 accessible to all both sighted and the blind community alike.

I'm also hoping that MSFS 2020 will have audio clue naviagation via hand to ear navigation.

That way for a small example.

If we hear the engine sounds coming out of both of our headset speakers and or coming out of both of the headset speakers and also directly in front of us, then we know that we're on the center line.

If we start to ear that the sound from one of the speakers is started to drift then we know that we're starting to go off of the center line and we need to correct this by tapping the correctport and or staboard arrow keys to get us back on the center line.

Or bank the USB Flight yoke either to the port or starboard to make sure we get back on the center line.

We too can fly and understand instructions.

We just have to process that all important confirmational feedback through our ears sine our eyes don't work.

In short, there's always a different way of optaining the same information.

The blind just processes that information a little differently that from someone would if they're eyes do work.

I hope everyone can see my view points.

I'm just trying to help out my fellow flight simmer pilots out.

Now for a GA aircraft,Alexa just told me that the G6 has a range of roughly 4,400 NM Miles. 

I want the DF8X which is the successor to the DF7X or Dassault Falcon 7X, and I fly nothing but the DF7X and hopefully the DF8X for private GA flights.

The top sealing of the DF7X and DF8x has a TOS of a fl 510 and theDF7X roughly has a range of  what is it 6,600 NM miles.

In the DF7X for a referency, I can get from wheels up to a level cruising alt of a fl of 360 usually in ten to fifteen minutes.

My Home based FBO is KERI for Erie Intl.

I can fly for a stress test down to Sana Anna CA or the locals call it John Waine Intl which is KSNA in usually four hours on one leg of fuel.

The DF7X is roughly point eight and the DF8X if I remember correctly is also suppose to be at .8 of mauch one as well.

Why would one want to sell off their DF7X for a DF8X?

This is a valid question.

1. The Df8x flies five hundred NM miles further than the DF7X.

2. The fuel onboard the DF8X is 35 percent more efficient than onboard the older DF7X as well.

The DF7X will run you roughly $50,000,000.00, and the DF8X will run you roughly $58,000,000.00, or round it out with tax and so on to roughly $60,000,000.00.

Also, the DF8X will run you roughly $5,000.00 per hour to fly her.

What's cool in the real world is that in the private bath room is a stall shower.

So, how about that? SMILES.

Now I'd also like to see the space shuttle and the Dragon 9 Space X space craft in MSFS 2020 for we space nuts.

What does everyone else think of my recommendations and or suggestions?

Ron KR3DOG AKA The Blind Pilot

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At Blind Pilot.

wow, great, i seriously hope there will be enuff clues in the program so you can fly it, but why change if mfs steam provides

your needs, you obviously dont need all the bling bling stuff.

i do like it when ppl persevere and try to do something that seems very impossible to us seeing ppl.

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