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Win7 to Win10, new mobo, new SSD boot drive

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I currently use Windows 7. I'm upgrading my entire system to get ready for FSX 2020 and because MS has stopped supporting Windows 7, so a lot of stuff I use will be effected going forward, including my tax software for next year.

I'm building a new computer and using a lot of newer parts from my old computer, including my HDD c drive and b drive (which house all my programs like FSX).

So this is what I'm doing and what I'm concerned about.

New case, mobo, chip, memory, and m2 ssd hard drive to boot from on a new fresh Windows 10 that I have put on a thumb drive for the build.

My old computer has Windows 7 with a C and B HDD drives. FSX is installed on C drive with extras on my B drive (windows 7).

*** I think if I build the new computer and add my old B and C drives, none of those programs will work, plus the operating system will be Windows 10 from my New SSD m2 drive.


1. Will simply renaming my boot drive to say "A drive" and leaving my old B and C drives labeled that way give me any advantage on getting FSX, etc programs installed on my old C drive to work, such as in the Windows 10 control panel?

2. If not, is there an app to solve this problem so I don't have to lose all my settings and everything on reinstalling all my existing c drive programs?

3. Is there a way to handle this upgrade without losing anymore of the hair off my bald head, when I start pulling it out during the build? 🙂

Any advice would be very much appreciated! I'm getting ready for FSX 2020!

Anyone ever use EaseUS for this? It's a transfer program.

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No, whatever driver you boot windows from, it will automaticly been C.

I used EaseUS and other transfer software when switching, It should be quite easy though.


I have my P3D installed on other driver, so it might be a little different, I back it up, install a new P3D under win10 under the same folder, and paste it back, and also I have it's "programdata" and "appdata" copied from 7 to 10. reactivate under win10, and it's almost ready to go, most settings and non-complex add-ons are preserved. However most complex add-on (basiclly anyone with it's own installer) are not working, you have to install and activate them again.... and that... along with many other programs I had, is the main reason I still stuck in win7 even when I have a woking win10 on same computer.

(BTW I did the same when comming from XP to 7 with FS9 back the day, it works better as I don't have much complex Add-on back then) 


I think you can install a new FSX under your new SSD C: then paste what you have into the SSD, see if it works (don't forget settings are in somewhere like "C:\AppData\Roaming"...I'm not quite remenber so google it.)

And that's just for FSX, not counting it's complex add-on and all your other program.... Hope you can see why I stuck in win7 anyway....


Another way to go is upgrade your win7 (make a backup first!) into win10, theoretically it would preserve most programs installed, but also many problem. I have tried that, but only get constant BSOD every 3~5 minute. So I have to reinstall it with all my settings gone but WITHOUT needed to format the old (but backed up anyway) C: so not lose all data.

Still, a fresh install would be better as you likly to do that.

But if you choice to upgrade, I would recommend to upgrade to win10 with your old hardware then move it to new one, as new platform hardware are hardly working with win7, so expect you won't be able to boot your old win7 or not able work well on the new platform. To make my old win7 from old computer working on my new platform, I have lost a tons of hair and thankfully my old hardware are on standby and working when I need to check and get some things from the old stuff.

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