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So Far, A Fling with MSFS? But Still, Married to P3D?

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43 minutes ago, DModjo said:

Very well put. I've enjoyed playing around in MSFS over the weekend however I've come to really appreciate P3D V4.5 which runs flawlessly without any stutters and all my addons.

It will be my primary sim for a long time to come.

I'm flying P3Dv5 ( Airliners) exclusively now and I seem to enjoy it more than ever, its as if MSFS has got me back in love with P3Dv5 😍

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i9 9900K 3.60GHz ..... RTX 2080 Ti ..... 48 GB Ram.

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I also have both sim`s installed. 

Tired the following scenario today: 

MSFS, A320neo from LOWW to EGLL 

I liked the crisp graphic and also the city of Vienna was very well done by the AI ( As i fly for business 3 -5 Times per year to Vienna I know the area and the airport. 

The A320 was "ok" if you are used to FSLabs puhhhh what should I say 😉   Performance was ok till i reached the clouds then i noticed stutters. 

Also missed GSX, chaseplane, AI Traffic via AIG, Active Sky ..... 🙂

P3D V5:

Graphics where not so crisp i only have 20 - 25 FPS on ground but i have nearly everything maxed out with Gaya Simulations LOWW , ORBX , GSX, .... 

But as the OP mentioned, even for me the performance was not soooo good I enjoyed my P3D flight more the the MSFS one. 

Pretty sure with the next .X Version of P3D it will get even better and i also wait for the GTX3090 my Radeon VII has the advantage of having plenty VRAM does not come near the Performance of a 2080Ti. 

So for now and especialy because i have invested hundrets of EUR for P3D i will stay with P3D. 

I´m pretty sure within 6-12 Months when all the addon developers also have there things msfs ready it will maybe be different. 









C. W. ,Ryzen 9 5950X @H2O , 32 GB RAM DDR4 3600 Mhz CL15 , Corsair MP600 Pro Watercooled 2 TB for P3D, Samsung SSD980 1 TB for Addons and Crucial MMX500,  Red Devil Ultimate 6900 XT

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"A Fling with MSFS? But Still, Married to P3D?"And directly the NGX releases you'll be straight down the divorce court 😜🤪

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AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 4.2 32 gig ram, NVidia RTX3060 12 gig, Intel 760 SSD M2 NVMe 512 gig, Crucial MX500 SSD. VR Oculus Quest 2

You Tube:- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC96wsF3D_h5GzNNJnuDH3WQ

Reality Is For People Who Can't Handle Simulation!

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