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Microsoft Sidewinder Precision 2 Joystick

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Hello all,

Downloaded and installed yesterday using the excellent £1 subscription Xbox Game Pass to see if it will run, and so far so good!

I am fiddling about with controls and at the moment I think I'm getting there with the Sidewinder Precision 2 stick, I managed to find the Throttle Axis so it's not like an on/off switch anymore, but the ailerons and pitch is still rather ropy. 

Using the Cessna 172 or even the Robin R22, when going down the runway, I need to fight with the rudder to keep it straight (which I understand is right) but once it comes to rotate I go off like a kangaroo! I've just worked out I think it seems to be ultra sensitive for some reason. To get a reasonable lift off, I need to pull back on the stick by no more than a millimeter, and it will glide up. It bobs up and down a bit, probably as it would do, but if I want to pitch up or down, again it's really, really small millimeter movements, otherwise it'll dive, or pull up and stall, very quickly. Ailerons are pretty much the same as well.

Is there anything I'm missing, or is it the true handling and not the stick?

Being a new sim with new dynamics, and not being a pilot myself, I wouldn't know if it's meant to be like this or not, so any help is appreciated! 

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I've seen the same problem with my Precision 2 and I found that there is no dead zone and sensibility at 0% for the axes by default. I tried the following which seems ok for the moment : 8% dead zone and -20% sensibility on all Axis except the throttle and it's a lot better. I'll probably get it better with more time of flight. I found that there is a bug that prevents us from modifying these values within a flight. You have to quit and go back to main menu in order to do so. I don't know where to tell Asobo that. Also, we don't seem to get to the parameters for the joystick within a flight in general.

Enjoy !  

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