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Want free UK airport diagrams and approach charts?

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I find FS2020 a lot more difficult to find IFR information than FSX but you can download real world UK charts for free from the link below which helps a lot. FS2020 even has a lot of the approach procedures built into the navigation so flying them is even easier. You can find a lot of free charts for other countries online if you do some digging, I did find the french equivalent some time ago but cant remember where I found it now. It's great to have the PDF open on an iPad or print the ones off that you need

  • ais.org.uk (should get redirected to http://www.nats-uk.ead-it.com/public/index.php.html)
  • Select eAIPP Package
  • If you want to download the entire file
    • In the Description box on the homepage select AIP AMDT 09/2020 (Complete AIP in PDF) (Size 283.4 MB)  This will download the entire document which is useful for saving on an iPad
    • If you use this approach, you download the entire AIP which is very large and mostly irrelevant. You can use the bookmarks section in Adobe or Books on iPad to skip to the relevant section
      • GEN is general information that is not useful
      • ENR is en-route information which may be useful for flight planning
      • AD is the main section with airport charts
        • Within AD is each airport, within each airport are sections e.g. 
          • AD 2 EGPD 1
          • AD 2 EGPD 2 
          • AD 2 EGPD 3
        • 1 is always the text data to skip, 2 onwards is the charts
  • If you want to see specific airport information
    • On the navigation on the left under Part 3 expand AD2 Aerodromes
    • Select your airport
    • This will open the airport text information which isn't very useful, scroll down to the very bottom and you will see a table that says Charts Related to an aerodrome. Select each one and print if require


Happy flying! Hope this is useful and makes IFR flight a little easier. 


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