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MSFS 2020 Lack of Manual

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I have struggled for the last 2 weeks to get my flight controls (Alpha Yoke,-CH Pedals-Throttles) etc to work,,,,,I can find no instructions on how to properly program them in MSFS 2020. They work perfectly in P3D V4 and 5, any suggestions on how to get them to work in MSFS 2020? Is there a manual available? I have to yet be able to fly this sim.

Ivan P

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Yes, me too! Lovely looking sim and I hope there's going to be more development on it because:

1. The control mapping for my setup took forever! Still ongoing with controllers/problems listed below.

2. CH pedals - work fine. I mapped a left yaw and a right yaw axis as well as a rudder axis yaw, so had trouble with them fighting each other. Removed L/R mappings, left just the rudder axis in place - works great.

3. In the middle of the above I downloaded FSUIPC7 (beta) but it wasn't necessary to fix the above. Also found it affected FPS hugely - disconnected FPS restored. I mainly use FSUIPC for their 'slope' function, but MSFS does this quite well.

4. Feathering props. I have the Logitech Flight Yoke System with 1 throttle quad + an extra throttle quad. In FSX the backstop 'click' button for props I can map for feather, but not MSFS - it's an invalid button, won't map. There is a '1,2,3,4, Feather switch' mapping but I can't get it to work properly. Autofeather switching/testing isn't there on the turboprops I've tried, as well as a few other test/function switches I'd expect.

5. Reverse thrust. As above, used to using throttle lever click button to enter reverse - won't map. Using F2 and holding it down will. Seems reverse is linked to the prop functions in this sim, which is fine, but then how do you map 'feather'?

Conc: It's a beaut looking sim and the flight controls w/FDE seem really great - definitely up from what I'm used to. The above mentioned issues detract from my heavy use of turboprop aircraft. Fly the C172 in VFR around some scenery at sunset and the results are gorgeous. Hope the developers can introduce the above mentioned functionality. I'm sure it's on the radar, but I'm aware that it's also an Xbox product which has input limitations IMHO. :) 

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Bottom-line, product and product support were not ready for release. I call it; hunt & peak to find answers to questions on our own. Don't understand why they did not learn from the older MS Flight Sim products, after all they are MS. There are many youtube products to help with MS2020 but some capability is not supported such as simconnect and multi-monitors.

MS states upfront, it is a "Work in Progress", the process seemed rushed to me . But being an old, old flt sim guy form late 80's, we the user has always been the testers, thanks to all the great users that have the knowledge to help folks like myself to get the most from product. MS2020, it's pretty & like other Flt Sim products, it will be great one day. Just not today. 


Intel I7 -9700K @ 4.70, ASUS Prime Z390-A MB, Two Crucial M.2 SSD, 32 GB G. Skill 3200 Memory, MSI GeForce RTX 2070 Super, Win 10 64, Cooler master Hyper 212 & 850W PS. P3D-ver 4.

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