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Using Autopilot Functions in Aircraft Without Autopilots

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If you wish to use the autopilot functions of the sim in aircraft that lack autopilots, follow this procedure.

Open the folder containing the folders and files for the aircraft you wish to modify.  Under SimObjects>Airplanes>Asobo_NNN you will find a text file called "systems".  Make a backup of this file before changing.  Next, in the AUTOPILOT section of that file, Change "autopilot_available = 0" to "autopilot_available = 1".  Save the file.

You may now use keyboard shortcuts to activate and use autopilot functions for that aircraft.  You may bind your own shortcuts, but here are some default controls to get you started:

Autopilot on/off  =  z  (autopilot activates in heading hold mode by default)
Nav hold  =  ctrl + n
Localizer hold  =  ctrl + o
Wing leveller  =  ctrl + v
Attitude hold  =  ctrl + t

I have tested these functions in the C152 and they work as expected.

Happy Flying!

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