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P3DV5 HT ON or OFF with 10700K

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2 hours ago, PurdueKev said:

That's why I haven't bothered to even spend time overclocking the 10900k - when I measure per-core clock speed, the cores run at 4.8 anyway just on Turbo with stock BIOS settings. All I have done is enable XMP for my memory.

5 seconds and a few BIOS changes got my 10850K to 5.2 on all cores with 1.35 to 1.4v vcore. Temps all at low 70s under stress test. I'm using 00000101010101010101 to replicate HT off over 8 cores reserved for P3D.  Leaves me 2 HT cores for other apps.

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Kevin Firth - i9 10850K @5.2; Asus Maximus XII Hero; 32Gb Cas14 3200 DDR4; RTX2080Ti

Beta tester for: UK2000; JustFlight; VoxATC; FSReborn; //42

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43 minutes ago, kevinfirth said:

or just dont faff with the bios and just apply an AM that replicates that core use? 😉

although with 8+ cores, it's probably more than enough to just disable HT anyway with no performance loss..?

I suppose it depends on what else is running...since the AM only affects P3D, the OS could put threads from other processes onto the LPs in a way that might impact P3D.  I think that's especially possible because the LPs that handle terrain and scenery loading are very intermittently tasked, so the OS will see those LPs as available much of the time.

Agreed, though, that 10 cores in play I don't really worry about it...the idea of tinkering with per-core HT is really borne of technical curiosity rather than from any real need.

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Bob Scott | AVSIM Forums Administrator | AVSIM Board of Directors

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I run a9900K with HT off. This allows me to run all 8 cores at 5.0 with full AVX in Prime95.

With HT on I have to go back to all core 4.9 and in addition go down to 4.8 for AVX.

The criteriia for that is the temperature/cooling.


For me HT off is the way to go. Even more that's the case using a 10900K, I believe.



i9-9900K@5,0   |  32GB 3200  |  2080TI  |  4K 40" curved  |  MSFS | P3D V5

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