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Steve E

For Sale: Flight Illusion Turboprop Engine Gauges

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I have a set of beautiful Flight Illusion King Air engine gauges from Flight Illusion that I am forced to part with.  I have gone to a complete glass panel and I do not have room in the new panel for these gauges.  These are currently close to $1400 US (1150 euro) plus shipping from Flight Illusion.  https://www.flightillusion.com/product/gsa-ec-engine-cluster-king-air-style/ 

They can be mounted vertically or side by side.  They require only a single usb connection and no other hardware.  The software is free to download from Flight Illusion.

I will let these go for $700 plus shipping.  Please see the attached pictures.  The gauges are shown in a plywood frame I built for my previous panel which you are welcome to or I can remove it and simply ship the two units.  The cable connecting the two units, the 5 volt/12 volt power supply, and a USB cable are included.

Please pm me with any questions.

I also have two fuel gauges (real) out of a Beech Bonanza.  I had bought these for the KA sim and was going to convert them from 24 volts to 12 but never got around to it and ended up finding KA gauges.  I will sell the pair for $45 plus shipping.

PayPal only please.


Steve (N4208T)

PS- I do not seem to be able to post the pics.  Maybe someone can tell me how to do so and I will.  Otherwise I can send them to anyone interested if you provide an email address in the pm.  Sorry.

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cannot post pics

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Doing business with Paypal alone is risky.

I bought the same item from a person by the name Mitchell Morrell (mmorrell2@hotmail.com) he too was a low poster from AVSIM.

I paid him the money and Paypal did not escrow the amount until I received the product. they transferred the funds to him right away and he never sent me the item and kept sending excuses and strung me 2-3 months  until I gave up.  I fessed up to Tom after a few years. I felt bad to confess I was conned.

Not alluding that the original poster is the same person. Just reciting my experience.

I have saved the entire e-mail converstion with him.



Mitchell Morrell (mmorrell2@hotmail.com)To:you Details
Manny - per my last email, I am shipping overnight to you.  I did not get
out of work in time to get to the post office today but will stop by there
tomorrow at 8AM and send you tracking info.  Thanks for your continued
patience.  You will have them by Friday... guaqranteed.
My phone number (cell is all I use) is 904-891-5097.
Really apologize for the dealy.  You have them up and cranking by TFriday
Edited by Manny


Beta tester for SIMStarter 

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I am sorry that you experienced a problem from someone else and I am glad that it looks like it is being resolved for you ..  but I really do not appreciate publicly accused of fraud.  I am real.  The gauges are real, the price is 50% of what they cost me and I do not rip people off.  And doing business with PayPal is intended to protect the buyer and me.

Good grief. 

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I think I will sell these elsewhere.  Good thing I did not hold my breath waiting for an apology.  If Manny is representative of the AVSIM community and this is the kind of discourse you want to see on the site then I want nothing to do with it.  As I said above, I am sorry that he had problems and I may have misread what he said but PayPal, while not perfect, does have safeguards to avoid what he is describing and it has worked for me.

Being a high time or low time poster is not any guarantee of someone's honesty or integrity.  I can understand being wary and watchful for scams but you ... with no evidence .... very publicly insulted me and inferred, if not accused, me of wanting to rip someone off.  And Manny ... you are not the only one who has gotten screwed in an online transaction.

If the Admin is seeing this, you can remove my account from AVSIM.  I have actually been following and reading the forum for over 15 years.  I am just not one to post things unless I have something to say.

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Hello Steve,

I am sorry that you feel about Manny's post that way and that it spoils your Avsim experience. I personally do not see that Manny accuses you of anything. He makes it very clear that he is not insinuating that you and Mitchell Morrell are the same person. He is just providing a word of caution to potential buyers that they need to be careful when doing business via Paypal. 

I have been considering your offer, and Manny's post didn't change that. It just made me aware of the mechanisms Paypal has in place to protect buyer and seller. The reason I decided against purchasing your gauges is entirely different: I am using the Milviz Kingair 350i, which has different gauges.



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(P3D v4, i7-3820CPU @ 3.6 GHz, GTX 1070, 16 GB ram)

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