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Does Just Flight DC-10 work on Prepar3D v5?

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On 1/13/2021 at 10:12 PM, Mets737 said:

Wow im super impressed with how it looks!! Will you be releasing this a package to download? WIll I need anything before hand to get all of it to work?

Keep up the great work!

I wouldn't exactly call it a package to download.  Since this is a mod to a commercial package, it's mostly a doc showing how you can edit the config files you need to.  I will not re-distribute anything from the base package.  There are some additional files you'll need (some my own, some from others), and the links are in the doc in earlier posts in this thread.  It's involved, but makes the DC-10 much improved.  These mods require a paid version of FSUIPC and for an RNAV/FMC enabled DC-10, you'll need the Integrated Simavionics (ISG) gauges by Ernie Alston.

On 1/14/2021 at 11:25 PM, coastaldriver said:

I intend to revisit the AIR files for this one and see what can be done using the SGA air files as a template. Once the air files are correct the rest should follow more easily. Positive that it will all work out so maybe a few more weeks. 

I note the engine and other details in the previous posts - I will chase down data now for these turbines to redo the tables etc in the airfiles. 

Anybody here have experience with FSBuild files?  I'm working on the configs for the ISG gauges and what the FMC is really missing is performance files for this bird.  It's non-trivial to do though.  So...Anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller?  😀

7 hours ago, R Smith said:

Thanks for the reply sorted thanks, i had it like this.. <Path><E:\Aircraft\JF_DC10>\Effects</Path> instead of <Path>E:\Aircraft\JF_DC10\Effects</Path> had to ger rid of the extra < & > .

Glad you got it working.  Make sure you follow the directions in the doc carefully.  Some of these files are picky to say the least.


And of course, an update:

I have the ND, FMC, LNAV, and VNAV all working and integrated into the VC!  It involves hi-jacking some original functions, for example you no longer have an N1 hold.  I'm still working on getting it all functioning correctly and after a few days of fighting to get everything in the VC, I'm now going through some test flights.  The ISG package is extremely customizable, and getting all the variables correct for the DC-10 variants is taking a bit of time.  @Mace, I'm learning as I go.  The VNAV mode is quirky, so I'm trying to observe what it does to get the config variables correct.  The config has a big influence on how both LNAV and VNAV work.  LNAV is working great and with a flight plan entered correctly will follow SIDs, STARs, and correct for FP updates (such as shortcutting around a waypoint).  I just flew a test flight transitioning from LNAV onto the ILS of 26R at CYVR in near-zero visibility.  Busted out below the clouds about 1,000 ft AGL and hand flew short-final.  Lots of fun and it worked well in transitioning modes.

I'll get an update to the doc out later this week along with an update to the ZIP linked within it that has the required additional files.  There's some textures and some new FSUIPC scripts you'll need.  I'm still trying to get one function that required editing an XML gauge into its own Lua file to make the changes easier.

Full flight deck:  You'll notice a functioning ND, LNAV, and VNAV in this shot.  I'm climbing out of SFO on the SNTNA2 departure, north to PDX.


MCP:  LNAV and VNAV are on the main panel and the buttons function.


ND:  The mode and range knobs are fully functional.  This is the correct ND for a hybrid DC-10 which in my research used the ND more similar to the MD-80 than the MD-11.  And also because the ISG MD-11 ND doesn't work with a mode knob.  So yeah.

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I'm loving this, about time this bird got the love it deserves, I've still got the stock avionics on mine for now and I've been improving my Gpws with wav files "borrowed" from one of my study level aircraft.


So happy its back to normal, I'm going to have ago at your hybrid cockpit at some point.

Richard Smith

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Also it might be a good idea creating your own thread for this, I can imagine alot of people wanting to do this.

Richard Smith

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I'm not spamming i promise, BUT I've found a weird bug that people need to know about.

If your center tank is empty the cockpit sounds will stop working correctly, basically they become intermittent, this also renders the GPWS randomized in what call outs it will gives you.


However after some testing I've found it's a simple fix, don't let your center tank become completely empty, even 1% of fuel remaining is enough to fix it.

Richard Smith

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Hello again. 😄


I've just noticed the download link for the updated panel states link is broken on the guide:

"5. Download the updated panel state configuration for the DC - 10 . This configuration is more verbose than those provided with the JustFlight DC - 10 HD and will work with the FSUIPC customization file to allow you to choose a panel state when the aircraft loads, properly setting the engines and other default P3D variables when a panel state is loaded, a common problem with FSX/P3D aircraft. Once downloaded, copy into the Gauges sub - folder of your JustFlight DC - 10 HD installation. The default configuration in this file is ready to taxi, but will be updated when you choose a new panel state from the pop - up menu."

(Updated Panel State configuration file for the DC - 10) <-------this link doesn't work for this file.

Richard Smith

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Thanks for the heads-up.  I have a bug fix that might resolve your center tank audio issue (I think it is related to a misconfig in my Lua script and a better way to trigger the sounds) so when I update it I’ll validate all the links in the doc.

VNAV continues to boggle my mind with the ISG gauges.  I may revert to LNAV and the ND in an updated doc until I can get VNAV figured out.  The LNAV works fantastic and will allow for RNAV departures and approaches, important for those of you on VATSIM.

Stay tuned...Should have a weekend update.


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Awesome thanks, I've been flying this bird exclusively since these fixes have been applied, my pmdg and aerosoft fleet are gathering dust.


Richard Smith

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