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Can I "edit" a photo.bgl of the Airport scenery folder ?

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I still use P3DV4 because I have a some of airports, that still only available for FSX or P3DV2-3.

I use ORBX Vector and LC North&South America, Africa and Europe.

In Asia an Africa there are some add-on Airports - there are better then the default Aitrports but still have issues.

In some cases there is a photo.bgl inside the scenery folder of the airport that covers the airport and surrounding with a satellite image.

The problem seams to be, that in some cases at some airports the photo.bgl "blocks" the surrounding area of the airport for ORBX Buildings. 

If I "turn of" the photo.bgl ( to photo.off) then the ORBX Buildings "come" close to the Airport, but I have the satellite image pattern of streets and houses (ORBX) below the runway - not good.

May Question is: Can I edit and crop the photo.bgl (possibly with ADE) so that the satellite image of the airport is only used up to the fence of the airport site and can take over behind ORBX?

Thanks for help!




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A professional image retoucher spends a lot of time learning this technique with long hours of practice called a professional retoucher, spending a lot of time learning how to see the true colors of an image and what adjustments and corrections will be needed. Photographers and people in the photography industry, in general, are well aware that retouching photos are one of the most challenging parts of the business, as it can take a few minutes to retouch 100 images, and it can take an entire day to retouch the same photos. So if you don't want to go through the hassle of processing photos yourself, I'd advise you to https://photorelive.com/services/product-photo-editing.

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No, the problem actually has little to do with retouching photos. 

the simple answer is no, you cannot do what you ask. Not in the way you propose at least. The problem you describe stems from the fact that autogen must be made specifically to cover the satellite imagery. If those autogen assignments don’t exist, the autogen won’t appear. Thus the OrbX buildings you describe don’t cover the satellite imagery and you need to remove the satellite imagery altogether to see them. However, to my knowledge there are no tools to change the satellite imagery after it has been compiled into a bgl file. So, either you make a new satellite imagery using SBuilderX, or you use the SDK autogene editor to make custom autogene to go with the existing satellite imagery, or you remove the satellite  imagery and then in ADE you edit the AFCAD to add an autogen exclusion so that the autogen doesn’t come up to the airport anymore after you remove the satellite imagery.

Hope that helps.

Benjamin van Soldt

Windows 10 64bit - i5-8600k @ 4.7GHz - ASRock Fatality K6 Z370 - EVGA GTX1070 SC 8GB VRAM - 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX @ 3200MHz - Samsung 960 Evo SSD M.2 NVMe 500GB - 2x Samsung 860 Evo SSD 1TB (P3Dv4/5 drive) - Seagate Barracuda 2TB 7200RPM - Seasonic FocusPlus Gold 750W - Noctua DH-15S - Fractal Design Focus G (White) Case

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