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Fix for Live weather (workaround)

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I've posted this over on the MSFS forums. Works 100% for me


Kudos goes out to whoever first posted this elsewhere (did a search but couldn’t find it again)

Just thought it might be worth bringing it to people’s attention again as I’ve been using this workaround for a few days now and the live weather is working 100% with it so far.

Follow these steps and you should get live weather wherever you are.


1. Choose your departure airport.

2. Choose preset weather and set to clear skies. (DO NOT choose live weather at this point)

3. Spawn at your chosen departure point and confirm that it is clear skies (sometimes it seems to remember previous weather, it must be clear skies for this to work)

4. If it isn’t clear skies go back to main menu and try again.

5. If it is clear skies you can now set live weather by clicking on the drop down menu bar from within the cockpit. Select live weather (and time if you want) from here. You may have to wait for a few seconds for the live weather to appear.

You should now have the live weather, and so far over my last 20 flights or so it has been very accurate to the real weather reported from various websites.

Once you have finished your flight and you want to start another at a different location just choose preset weather to clear skies again in the main menu before you spawn at the airport and then switch it to live from the in cockpit toolbar after you have spawned.

Hope it works for you as it’s been a lot more fun with live weather that matches what I would expect.

And thanks again to whoever it was who posted this originally.

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My live weather works as it should, but I thought I would see what you suggest.

Weather in the cockpit toolbar is greyed out!



Martin Parr

Retired professional yacht skipper for vessels up to 46m


System: Omen 30L GT13-0054na Gaming PC; Windows 10 Home  64-bit OS; Intel Core i9-10900K CPU @ 3.7GHz; RAM 32GB; Samsung S34J55x Monitor 3440x1440 @75 Hz Resolution; NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti. MSFS P/D; TM Pendular Rudder Pedals, TM Warthog Hortas Throttle/Joystick Combo.

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